Weekly weather: return of heat and risk of heavy thunderstorms at the end of the week

Par Gilles MATRICON, meteorologist
Posted 05/28/22, updated 05/30/22 4:39 PM

The coming week, which corresponds to the first of the meteorological summer, the heat will return to much of the country, becoming heavy and stormy. But the expected thunderstorms will not really affect the drought which will persist.

After a cool start to the week, the wind will shift to the south, bringing a sharp rise in temperatures from Tuesday from the Aquitaine basin to the Alps and the Mediterranean. Then this hot weather will reach the central regions, sparing the northernmost regions.

Warming Tuesday, especially in the south

Mardi, weather conditions will remain generally calm with rising temperatures in the south. But on the Massif Central, the Jura, the Alps and the Pyrenees, a stormy shower will not be excluded. Near the English Channel, the influence of a depression over Scotland will bring temporarily threatening skies north of the Seine.

A Wednesday becoming stormy over the central regions

With the progression of warm tropical air towards the center of the country, a stormy trend will take place from Poitou and Charentes to the Jura and north of the Alps via Auvergne. North of the Seine, you will stay dry with sunshine but a bit cool near the English Channel. From the Aquitaine basin to the southeast, it will be very hot in the afternoon.

An often electric weekend

From Thursday, the atmosphere will become tropical over 3/4 of France. Indeed, unstable air coming from the Canary Islands and propelled by a Portuguese depression will invade most of the country. Consequently, the thunderstorm risk will extend to many regions. Only the Channel coasts will remain completely free of this degradation, as well as the shores of the Mediterranean.

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Little rain despite thunderstorms sometimes accompanied by hail

Indeed, the forecast thunderstorms will occur in a surface barometric marsh, and will not be related to the circulation of active disturbances. As a result, the rainfall accumulations will be random and very heterogeneous from one sector to another, with some areas being more watered than others. But under the biggest storms, violent phenomena are to be feared (hail falls, brutal gusts of wind).

New episode of strong heat in the south

After the coolness at the start of the week, the heat will return from the south on Tuesday, before reaching ¾ of the country afterwards. At the end of the week, the night mildness will prevail almost everywhere, except near the English Channel. As for the maximum, they will evolve from 15 to 25 ° C from north to south on Monday, before reaching 25 to 30 ° C on average Wednesday and Thursday. It is over a large south-eastern quarter that it will be the hottest with an episode of strong heat to be feared and maximum temperatures that can reach 32 to 35 ° C south of a Toulouse / Lyon line until Friday or Saturday next. This episode of strong heat should be a notch below in terms of duration and intensity to that of the middle of May.



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