Weekly preview: tears at GZSZ – Laura is alive in front of her mother |  BUNTE.de

Weekly preview: tears at GZSZ – Laura is alive in front of her mother | BUNTE.de

weekly preview Tears at GZSZ: Laura is alive in front of her mother

Laura finally reveals herself to her mother next week in “Gute Zeiten, Schlechte Zeiten”. The reunion will be particularly emotional…

Laura (Chryssanthi Kavazi, 34) can no longer watch her mother suffer. She decides to come out from under cover to stop misleading Yvonne (Gisa Zach, 49). When Laura shows up in the townhouse, her mother thinks she’s going insane: she simply can’t believe that her daughter is really alive and initially thinks she’s imaginary. Desperately she calls for Jo and hardly dares to look when he opens the door. And yet: There stands Laura, in person and alive. Mother and daughter are overwhelmed with tears when they finally meet again.

Jo (Wolfgang Bahro, 62) is also overwhelmed. In order to relieve Yvonne psychologically, he secretly had Laura declared dead, but he didn’t know that she was actually still alive. Now there is certainty. Will the just perfect world be destroyed again when Laura finds out about his intrigue – and then perhaps tells her mother about it?

Michi and Nicole want to get married quickly

Nicole (Laura Lippmann, 30) catches her fiancé in an intimate moment with Maren (Eva Mona Rodekirchen, 47). Instead of telling Michi (Lars Pape, 52) that she knows, she withdraws. The anticipation of the wedding is suddenly clouded. After the first shock, however, Nicole reacts differently than you would expect: Maybe they just have to get serious quickly so that Michi is sure and forgets Maren? Despite – or because of – his confused feelings, Michi agrees to her suggestion that the wedding date be brought forward.

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This also means that a bachelor party has to be organized quickly. However, it turns out to be difficult, because Michi’s best buddies of all people are at odds at the moment. For his sake, Tobias (Jan Kittmann, 40) and Carlos (Patrick Fernandez, 38) try to pull themselves together on a day at the lake. When Carlos gets into a tricky moment, the war is indeed briefly forgotten.

GZSZ: plans, plagiarism and more

Lilly (Iris Mareike Steen, 31) and Nihat (Timur Ülker, 34) are actually planning to start a family together. The fact that the last pregnancy test was negative was particularly disappointing for Nihat, who particularly wishes to become a father. But things are a little different for Lilly now. She is currently struggling at work, where she was denied the position of chief medical officer due to rumors about her planning a family. When the condom bursts during sex, she decides to take the morning-after pill. Nihat tried to change her mind. Do the two still agree on their future?

Meanwhile, Emily (Anne Menden, 37) makes a faux pas: She forgets Sascha’s birthday because of stress. To make it up to her, she plans an action that Paul and Tuner are supposed to help with.

It will also be embarrassing for Luis (Marc Weinmann, 25). The ghostwriter he hired for his term paper apparently plagiarized. With this, Luis puts his entire studies in jeopardy…

“Gute Zeiten, Schlechte Zeiten” runs from Monday to Friday at 7:40 p.m. on RTL – or online at any time on RTL+.

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His son (25) looks a lot like

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