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Meteo: WEEKEND, sensational news for Saturday 15th and Sunday 16th. The latest update has increased the dose!

Weather forecast for the weekendA sensational novelty awaits us for next weekend. Actually already in next days a particular atmospheric figure is destined to invade a good part of Europe and precisely for Saturday 15 e Sunday 16 January the latest weather update has even increased the dose, assuming heavy effects that will affect practically all of Italy.

All confirmed then, in the coming days a very large high pressure area it will literally take over all of Europe, thus favoring a period of atmospheric stability that promises to be quite significant and lasting.
the main peculiarities of this high pressure will be at least a couple. In the first place, its vastness, as it is destined to encompass practically all of Western Europe, from the British Isles to the Mediterranean basin; secondly, its intensity, with the baric field that could reach 1030 hPa (hectopascal, unit of measurement for pressure), respectable value for the period.

In technical terms, this particular pressure arrangement is called atmospheric block: we can identify it as a “stuck” area of ​​high pressure, capable of stay in a large area for a long time and which in fact keeps away any Atlantic perturbation or icy irruption coming from the North Pole. This means, in short, closed doors a cold, rains e snowfall.

But what will be the concrete consequences for the next weekend? For Saturday 15th and Sunday 16th January it is reasonable to expect sunny days on most of our regions, with maximum temperatures above the climatic averages of the period, especially in the Center-South. But be careful, especially on Sunday, as often happens at this time of year, we will have the other side of the coin of the winter anticyclonic structures, namely the mists, which will in fact return to envelop all the plains of the North (and beyond), limiting visibility and unfortunately favoring the accumulation of smog and polluting gases in the lower layers of the atmosphere. Also worth noting is an increase in cloud cover over the upper Tyrrhenian Sea and especially Liguria, due to the phenomenon of maccaja.

This massive high pressure area it could be dismantled only during the next week, when the icy currents descending from Russia become more and more intrusive.

High pressure to reinforce Italy next weekendHigh pressure to reinforce Italy next weekend



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