Vicky Krieps from “Serremoifort” by Mathieu Amalric. (fish film)

Hug me tight Mathieu Amalric’s seventh film still amazes us with its formal audacity, by incorporating the soap opera into the visual, spiritual and sensory labyrinth. What process do we introduce when it comes to surviving the pain of loss? Questions will be asked of will come back from afar, Written by Claudine Galea, but never played in theaters, Mathieu Amalric had a strong desire to adapt to the film.

We are like Clarisse, and negatively, the form of spirituality that we have invented for ourselves.

The director’s astonishing intuition BarbaraThe film’s main character, Claris, creates his own mental cinema to support reality, and Amaric makes us both seem equal. One morning, Claris abandons her husband and her children, hangs out and imagines life without her. The brutal parting and tragedy have yet to be revealed to the viewer, but will eventually be noticed. Let go and follow Arieh’s formidable interpreter. Worsalter When Vicky Rupture.

Pierre Niney is a young acoustician at the BEA, a research and analysis firm responsible for deciphering the black box of a crashed plane in the Alps. Is the terrorist trail correct? Pierre Niney relentlessly leads this effective thriller against a background of corruption between the BEA and the big airlines, obsessed with the quest for the truth.

Ramaka is a huge, overcrowded prison in the middle of the woods near Abidjan in Côte d’Ivoire, which is run by inmates. The director is at the heart of his very theatrical film, which unfolds overnight between documentaries, African stories and Shakespeare’s flights.

So-called impure places, like prisons, can produce fictitious poetic things.

Seen in Blackbeard, Steve Tientcheu, wretched The head of aging and illness at Ladj Ly prison. To maintain his power, he returns to the Roman ritual: a prisoner, here a young man who has barely reached Maka, must tell the story until dawn. the king’s night It is both political and poetic and performs as much as it is choreographed.

Weekend cinema. Mathieu Amalric’s esoteric melody “Hold sight”

Source link Weekend cinema. Mathieu Amalric’s esoteric melody “Hold sight”

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