Wednesday: Jenna Ortega cried during this scene with The Thing, here's the one

Wednesday: Jenna Ortega cried during this scene with The Thing, here's the one

Credit – Netflix

Before being revealed to the general public by the series Wednesday on Netflix, Jenna Ortega had a special place in the hearts of horror lovers. The actress plays the sound engineer in X, a horrifying feature film by Ti West against a backdrop of porn shooting. Spectators were also able to see him in Scream as his character is back in Scream 6. Without forgetting a short but pleasant appearance in Studio 666, the Foo Fighters horror movie. Jenna Ortega plays a vengeful ghost who has returned with her band to exact revenge on whoever murdered her.

But definitely, it’s his Wednesday role in the eponymous spin-off of The Addams Family which allowed him to stand out.

In full promotion of Scream 6 In Hot Onesa show where celebrities answer questions while eating hot wings with increasingly spicy sauce, Jenna Ortega confided in Wednesday.

Wednesday Addams
Credit – Netflix

The actress reveals that she cried during a scene with The Thingthe famous bodyless hand of Wednesday. Here is which one.

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What scene made Jenna Ortega cry with emotion?

Wednesday follows the young girl from The Addams Family where she is educated at Nevermore Academy to harness her psychic powers. Several characters accompany the heroine in her investigation while murders take place in the surrounding area. Among them, The Thing, a very affectionate hand capable of moving.

It is the actor of Romanian origin Victor Dorobantu who lends his hand to La Chose and during a passage in Hot Ones, Jenna Ortega remembered crying with emotion during a scene with the actor!

It was actually the scene in the operating room where they film my cover and it’s the first and only time Wednesday has cried. I reached out my hand [Victor Dorobantu] and he caressed her, he comforted me. I started crying. I started again because it made me sad and then we laughed. It was a real bonding moment between me and Victor.

Jenna Ortega

And Wednesday miss you, don’t worry. Beginning of January 2023, Netflix has formalized the launch of a season 2!

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