Wedding of Lele Pons and Guaynaa: These are the three dresses that the influencer used

Wedding of Lele Pons and Guaynaa: These are the three dresses that the influencer used

On March 4, Lele Pons and Guaynaa got married in a ceremony that took place in an outdoor venue in Miami, United States.

The influencer and Guaynaa had been engaged since the end of July 2022. However, their love relationship began two years ago when they worked together on the production from the single ‘Se te nota’.

The event stood out for its long guest list, which included Chayanne, who danced ‘Tiempo de vals’ with Lele Pons. Some of the other guests were: ‘Ricky’ Montaner (singer), Camila Cabello (singer) and Steve Aoki (DJ).

Likewise, their wedding cake was made by Divine Delicacies Cakesa pastry shop that has been recurring on the birthdays of celebrities such as Jennifer López and Thalía.

Lele Pons and Guaynaa shared their wedding cake together. (Photo: Instagram / @divinedelicaciescakes)

What dress did Lele Pons wear at her wedding with Guaynaa?

Lele Pons’ bridesmaids, including Paris Hiltonwore teal dresses from designer Pnina Tornai with Kleinfeld Bridal trimmings and Naturalizer shoes.

However, the influencer of Venezuelan origin it was changed from wedding dress on three occasions during the celebration.

first dress

The first dress the influencer wore came from a designer house called Zuhair Murad which was founded in the late 1990s and has dressed other celebrities including Lea Michelle and Dove Cameron.

Lele Pons’ first dress stood out for the pattern she had on her arms, as they gave the impression of being white diamonds.

Lele Pons’ first dress was from the designer house Zuhair Murad. (Photo: Instagram / @lelepons)

The brand is characterized by selling haute couture dresses, accessories and garments made by hand by specialized artisans. They also point out that they have private stores in around 40 countries, to check their prices it is necessary to contact Zuhair Murad to quote.

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second dress

Throughout the event, Lele Pons changed her outfit to a more comfortable one to greet the guests while they tasted their food. The second garment she used comes from the designer house of julie vino and it stood out for being more fitted and having a halter neck.

The second dress that Lele Pons used was from the Julie Vino brand. (Photo: Instagram / @lelepons)

The brand comes from the mind of the designer with the same name who, since 2008, has ventured into the world of fashion with her wedding dresses and other luxury accessories. She specializes in create unique patterns and designs for every occasion.

Julie Vino has boutiques all over the world, some of her garments can reach up to 130 thousand Mexican pesos.

third dress

To end the celebration, Lele Pons changed into a shorter dress than the others. In this piece, the Venezuelan danced on the floor and He celebrated until the end of the event.

It was a garment Pnina returned, a designer house specialized in wedding dresses for any event. The brand has been offering haute couture garments for around 20 years.

The dress that Lele Pons used it was personalized for hereven the one worn by her bridesmaids, like Paris Hilton, was also tailored for each one.

The last dress that Lele Pons wore at her wedding with Guaynaa was by Pnina Tornai. (Photo: Instagram / @lelepons)



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