Now that wedding bells are ringing (and twice over) it’s worth remembering who’s who in House Spencer. A saga of nobles with five centuries of history that reached its peak exactly 39 years ago when a young and unknown Diana Frances Spencer became Princess of Wales. The new generation of Spencer is made up of Princess Diana’s thirteen nephews, first cousins ​​of princes William and Harry, and who are divided between those who bet to go unnoticed and those who attract attention in each of their appearances.

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John Spencer, the eighth Earl Spencer, had five children during his first marriage to Frances Ruth Burke Roche: Sarah, Jane, John (who died ten hours after birth), Diana and Charles. It is precisely the smallest, the only male, who picked up his father’s witness at the front of the house, becoming the ninth earl and being the best known of all the Spencer that have preceded. Three marriages, nine children and an active social and political agenda have led him to be frequently under the spotlight, a path that some of his children have followed.

Lady Kitty Spencer It is the one with the most presence since it came of age. For some she is the most physically similar to the Princess and soon began to work as a model and to claim her position in the evenings of British high society. Now wedding bells ring for her, but they do it discreetly. British media say she has become engaged to Michael Lewis, a South African billionaire, thirty-one years her senior, and the father of three adult children. According The TimesLady Kitty will be abandoning Anglicanism to convert to Judaism and thus be able to marry a businessman from the world of fashion.

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Lady Kitty’s sisters are the twins Lady Eliza and Lady Amelia, the three young blondes, with an air of Diana, attracted attention at Westiminster Abbey on the wedding day of William and Kate. Now it is Lady Amelia who is going to pass the altar with her boyfriend of eleven years, Greg Mallett, in an event that could reunite the Cambridge and the Sussex again.

The youngest of the house is Louis, Viscount Althorp, an aristocrat as handsome as he is discreet and who is one of the golden singles of the United Kingdom, not in vain, he will be the next Earl Spencer, a dynasty with more history than the family itself Windsor and heir to an immense heritage. Like his three sisters, his childhood happened in South Africa, where his mother settled after the complicated divorce of Charles Spencer, which caused that his ties were not very close with Guillermo and Harry during those years, however, the cousins ​​have recovered lost and older time have strengthened ties.

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To this new generation of Spencer we must add the Spencers by blood, although not by name. Those are the three children of Lady Sarah McCorquodale, one of Diana’s two older sisters: Emily, George, and Celia. Her public appearances have been limited to family events, such as Diana’s funeral, or William and Harry’s weddings. The youngest of the house, Celia married the summer of 2018 and surprised by bringing the Tiara Spencer back to life. Diana’s niece married the iconic tiara that no one has worn since Diana of Wales died and did so in the presence of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

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Diana’s other sister, Jane Fellowes, who married one of the Queen’s private assistants in 1978, has in turn three children and four grandchildren, although they do bet on a private life far from the cameras. Jane’s appearances have been counted, went to the wedding of Guillermo and Kate and did the same with that of Harry and Meghan, where he also agreed to his nephew’s wish to go up to the pulpit of the Chapel of Saint George to do one of the readings. That was one of the most emotional moments of the ceremony, since her words and her presence evoked the figure of Diana, in her role as mother rather than in her role as princess. Neither Lady Sarah nor Baroness Fellowes missed Archie Harrison’s christening.

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Finally, it should be remembered that Charles Spencer married twice more after his first divorce. With Caroline Freud he had two children, Edmund Charles Spencer, who is now 16 years old, and Lady Lara Caroline Spencer, 13 years old. From his third marriage, with the Canadian model Karen Gordon, Earl Spencer had a daughter in 2012, the last in the Spencer saga and the one named after his aunt: Lady Charlotte Diana Spencer.