Weather in Córdoba: 34°C is expected for this Sunday

The National Weather Service is forecasting isolated thunderstorms through the week. Look at the extended forecast.

Sunday, January 22, 2023 hs

According to data from National Metereological ServiceFor this Sunday, a somewhat to partially cloudy sky is expected, with maximum temperatures that will reach 34 ° C and minimum temperatures that will touch 21 °.

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At 8 in the morning, the Córdoba Observatory marked a temperature of 23.2 °C, with clear skies.

The heat will continue throughout the week, however precipitation is expected for Tuesday and Thursday.

How will the extended forecast continue?

  • Monday. Partly to somewhat cloudy. Minimum of 22° and maximum of 35°.
  • mars. Partly cloudy, isolated thunderstorms at night. Minimum of 24° and maximum of 31°.
  • Wednesday. Partly cloudy. Minimum of 21° and maximum of 32°.
  • Thursday. Partly cloudy, isolated thunderstorms in the morning. Minimum of 23° and maximum of 33°.
  • Friday. Mostly cloudy. Minimum of 23° and maximum of 27°.
  • Saturday. Partly cloudy. Minimum of 21° and maximum of 30°.

Drink water to avoid heat stroke

Heat stroke is the clinical manifestation of the increase in body temperature that occurs as a consequence of the failure in the physiological self-regulation mechanism when there is body exposure to hot environments, generally for prolonged periods.

Damián Zopatti, a clinical doctor at the Hospital de Clínicas, explained that consuming several glasses of water in a healthy adult is an appropriate measure to avoid discomfort in the face of high temperatures. And he clarified that this amount must be increased according to the needs (for example, exercise).

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The specialist stressed the importance of recognizing the need to stay hydrated and pointed out that older people tend to become less sensitive to feeling thirsty, for this reason they should remember and have a habit of drinking water.

Hydration should not be done only with water, it is recommended drinks with salts or fruit juice and then cool the body.



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