The next week will start cloudy with some showers in the north and west, but it will clear from Tuesday afternoon. The temperature rises during the week with a chance of tropical weather on Saturday.

On Monday it can be rainy in the north and west. In the rest of the country it is drier and sunnier. It will be a maximum of 21 degrees in the north and 28 degrees in the south. There is a south to southeast wind.

On Tuesday, rain can mainly fall at the beginning of the day. Clouds are also moving over the land. In the afternoon it clears from the west. There is a strong west to northwest wind. The temperature drops slightly compared to Monday. At the sea it gets about 19 degrees, in the southeast it can get about 23 degrees.

On Wednesday it will be mostly dry and the sun will come through the clouds more and more. The wind blows in the west to northwest. It will be between 18 and 22 degrees.

Temperatures rise from Thursday

On Thursday it will remain dry and sunny. The wind turns northeast and the temperature rises again. In the north it gets about 20 degrees in the afternoon. Temperatures of 25 degrees can occur in the south. It is especially hot in the southeast.

Friday will also remain dry and sunny. In addition, the temperature rises even further. Summer temperatures are prevalent in much of the country. It will be a maximum of 23 to 28 degrees. Only in the far north it stays a bit cooler. The wind is from the northeast

In the weekend there are first temperatures between 25 and 30 degrees. The temperature may be a few degrees higher in the south, which means that the weather is tropical. From Sunday the wind turns from east to west and cools down a bit. The weather also becomes more changeable.

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