Wear-OS is left-handed friendly with a big but

Google will soon be able to rotate the Wear OS screen 180 degrees to make it left-handed. But the accessibility function may not be available on all Wear OS smartwatches.

Google’s Wear OS is going to be left-handed friendly. That comes from a thread in Google’s support forum. The whole thing comes with a catch, however, because a Google developer replied that the function will be implemented and available for future devices. He left it open whether this affects all devices.

The choice of your wrist is important: Using the buttons is difficult and fitness tracking algorithms can be negatively affected if you wear the watch on your right wrist rather than your left. At the program level, the support for left-handers is much more complex than just «turning the dial around». Apple has offered this option to left-handers for years. Left-handed Wear OS users have to use the Lefty app. Lefty just flips the watch face. The sensors stay exactly the same inaccurate.

It is not known which smartwatches will get the left-handed update and which will not.


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