‘We want to make the most beautiful cover’

Linda de Mol (57) received a lot of criticism for her ‘Oh what a year’ cover of the LINDA. Much commentary was about Minister Hugo de Jonge who graced the cover. But there was also criticism from other quarters. People felt that it was discrimination that Edsilia Rombley was not on the front cover, but on the inside of the folding cover. Linda is now responding to the commotion in the VARAguide.

Critical discrimination

on the cover of LINDA number 209 were several high-profile people. In addition to Linda de Mol, Raven van Dorst, Hugo de Jonge, Rob Kemps, André van Duin and Edsilia Rombley were also featured on the extra large folding cover. The last three celebrities are on the part of the cover after the fold, which you only see when you turn the page. Many people found it discrimination that Edsilia is not on the front cover.


Publicist and curator Janice Deul was not happy about the fact that Edsilia was on the second part of the cover. Janice wrote in The Limburger that the cover confirms the prejudices ‘that exist around Black people’. It happens more often that people of color are on a cover, but then in the back or in a less prominent place. Here makes magazine LINDA also guilty of.

Janice therefore shared a tweet from one Michelle. He wrote: “And while everyone is tumbling about Hugo on the cover, I especially hate the fact that Linda every time, every fákking time, puts the only Black person in the group on part 2 of the flap.” The tweet contains four photos of folding covers, each with the person of color on the inside.

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Response Linda

Linda is now responding to the criticism about discrimination. According to her, Edsilia is certainly not tucked away on purpose on the second part of the cover. “As a magazine maker, we want to make the most beautiful cover. And then I don’t go so far as to think: Edsilia can’t stand inside. It doesn’t work that way. Such criticism is sometimes tough. You don’t get it right quickly. But that applies to more things at the moment, we just have to learn to live with that,” she says about this.

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Linda also emphasizes that diversity is very important to them at LINDA. “We are all about diversity at LINDA. a special committee has been set up and are on the right track.”

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Source: Mediacourant | Image: BrunoPress



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