we tell you how and when to consult them to know where you are

All those students who have a place in the Higher Secondary Educationand have the Exam Comipems 2022You will be able to consult the results soon.

To verify whether or not they were in any of their options, applicants should have their credential proof handy.

We present: Comipems 2022: dates and pre-registration requirements for the high school exam

According to the Comipems calendar, it will be on Friday, August 19, when those who want to enter Higher Secondary Education, either in their baccalaureate, preparatory or CCH modality, can review the results.

This is the procedure to consult them:

  • Identify the folio number and CURP, it appears on the credential receipt
  • Visit the Comipems website
  • Capture the folio number and CURP in the corresponding spaces
  • After a short wait, the system will return the assigned option and the number of correct answers obtained in the exam
  • After the designated school is announced, the candidate will be informed about the enrollment process.

It was last July when basic level students went to the various places designated for the selection examination conducted by the Metropolitan Commission of Public Institutions of Higher Secondary Education (Comipems).

What is the range of correct answers to gain access to the different options of Higher Secondary Education?

UNAM National Preparatory School (ENP):

ENP 1 Gabino Barreda: 102

ENP 2 Erasmo Castellanos: 110

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ENP 3 Justo Sierra: 105

ENP 4 Vidal Castañeda and Nájera: 97

ENP 5 José Vasconcelos: 105

ENP 6 Antonio case: 111

ENP 7 Ezequiel Chavez: 99

ENP 8 Miguel E. Schulz: 98

ENP 9 Pedro de Alba: 109

College of Sciences and Humanities (CCH)

CCH Azcapotzalco: 91

CCH Naucalpan: 88

CCH East: 95

CCH Sur: 94

CCH Vallejo: 94

Vocational training from the National Polytechnic Institute (IPN)

CET 1, Walter Cross Buchanan: 83 steel toss

CECyT 1, Gonzalo Vázquez Vela: 85 hits

CECyT 2, Miguel Bernard: 88 strokes

CECyT 3, Estanislao RamĂ­rez Ruiz: 93 shots

CECyT 4, Lázaro Cárdenas: 83 hits

CECyT 5, Benito Juárez García: 91 shots

CECyT 6, Miguel Othón de Mendizábal: 91 hits

CECyT 7, Cuauhtémoc: 90 hits

CECyT 8, Narciso Bassols: 84 hits

CECyT 9, Juan de Dios Bátiz Paredes, 104 hits

CECyT 10, Carlos Vallejo Márquez, 85 shots

CECyT 11, Wilfrido Massieu, 81 shots

CECyT 12, José María Morelos: 84 shots

CECyT 13, Ricardo Flores MagĂłn: 94 hits

CECyT 14, Luis Enrique Erro Soler: 85 hits

CECyT 15, Diodoro AntĂşnez Echegaray: 90 hits



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