Be called a denier after having personally seen each of the approximately 1,200 “Covid-19” patients treated at San Raffaele, after working night and day until April 18 in the 5 hospital reanimations and having personally transported very serious patients to my ward, he takes me to consider the perpetrators of the accusations to be people in bad faith who expose themselves to a libel suit. “Use harsh words Alberto Zangrillo, vice-chancellor of the Vita-Salute San Raffaele University in Milan, after the event in the Senate yesterday defined by many parties as a conference of denialists. And it is not the only one. With him also Massimo Clementi, virologist of the university in via Olgettina, and Matteo Bassetti, director of the Infectious Diseases Clinic of the Policlinico San Martino in Genoa and president of the Italian Society of anti-infectious therapy (Sita).

Zangrillo: “Non-existent virus? Wrong tones, but nobody contradicted me”

We are not deniers, but doctors, university professors, researchers, they reply. “The doctor – Zangrillo tells Adnkronos Salute – cures, tells the truth, cares responsibly, instills courage and, if supported by the evidence, expresses trust and optimism. The doctor has a complete view of the complex health situation, which requires giving answers also to pathologies that are not prevented with the mask and frequent hand washing. Those who continue to shake their heads and spread their arms in the face of the evidence obviously have other interests and will soon make a bad impression. “

Burning are some statements made by colleagues, adds Clementi who, referring for example to the infectious disease specialist Massimo Galli, says he is “surprised, but not so much” for his words about the participants in the conference of controversies. “To interpret them literally – observes Clementi – the statements sound really offensive to some colleagues who are scientifically committed to this pandemic as much as he and perhaps more. On what basis is he entitled to say who can express scientific opinions? thinking about a legal action. For me these words slip away and, as I said, they don’t surprise me. “

“I am very bitter – he confides Bassetti – after all the work done in the lane against Covid-19, to be told that I am a negationist, after having done an 8-minute report on Covid-19 in my reality. I limited myself to speaking at a conference in the Senate and to tell my experience in a few minutes. And some statements made in that congress do not share them. But I’m disgusted by the mud machine. I am a university professor, I do research and I am not letting myself be denied by colleagues who, rather, would do well to read my work on this disease. Rather, those who deny the work of others are deniers. “

“As for the research produced – continues Zangrillo – the San Raffaele hospital and the Vita-Salute university respond as always with numbers, nothing but pseudoscience”. It has been a while since a fracture has arisen. In particular, since the 3 experts together with other colleagues put their position in a document in black and white about a month ago. In this regard, Clementi did not like even the “angry response that Galli gave” precisely “to the manifesto of the ten photographing the improved Italian clinical-epidemiological situation. There is, for his part, a stubborn perseverance in maintaining the virus hasn’t changed ‘, a statement that means nothing if you don’t contextualize it – attack – Dear Massimo Galli, as you know very well, viruses that change do not warn“.

For Bassetti “at this point the mud machine has reached unacceptable levels. Must there be a single thought in science? I don’t like a country like this: medicine needs plurality and ferment of ideas “, he concludes.

by Lucia Scopelliti and Margherita Lopes

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