We recognize that we are in crisis; we are facing the clients: Aras Business Group

Faced with more than 400 lawsuits faced by clients due to non-compliance in the payment of income, precautionary assurance of assets by Chihuahua authorities and a suspension of activities by the National Banking and Securities Commission, Aras Business Group he calculates a year to recover and catch up with his users affected by his financial situation.

“I am not denying that we have a crisis. I am not denying annoying people and that we have lawsuits. We are going to work to be able to do it “, said the general director of the company, Armando Gutiérrez Rosas.

In an interview with THE UNIVERSAL, the manager discards that the firm is in a bankruptcy scenario and that at this moment, the priority is to fulfill the commitments with its clients.

“Not in the next few months. We are fine. We are calm enough to think about a bankruptcy in the short term. Perhaps after one or two years this situation will be measured again, “he said.

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Wrong financial decisions

Grupo Aras emerged in the state of Chihuahua in 2015 as a Public Limited Company for the Investment of Variable Capital (SAPI) and offered returns from investments in mining and real estate. As of last October, it experienced a strong loss of capital, attributed, according to its CEO to wrong financial decisions and customer exit.

“We went through a financial slump from October to date. We were stopped by some business units that we were working on and now we are reactivating in mining. Most of the clients have taken it calmly, they have been empathic with what is happening in the company and there are others who have not and have proceeded legally against the company, “he said.

A few days ago, the CNBV warned users that Aras is not a financial entity, it is not an authorized society by the commission to attract resources from the public, in addition to not being subject to supervision, therefore, is not part of the financial system in Mexico. In this environment, the manager said that he is looking for the best scheme to attend and return dividends and capital to affected customers.

“The client deserves that we show our face. I am here working, clients have seen me, collaborators have seen me. Here we have a saying from the Mennonite community that there is no crisis that lasts 14 hours a day of work. There is a lot of misinformation and a lot of lawyers who are abusing people. Tables were set up here to guide people, ”he said.

So far, the company is meeting the information requirements of the CNBV and facing one by one the demands of its clients, located mainly in Chihuahua.

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