Cruz Azul’s victory against Santos Laguna on the first day of Guard1anes 2020 left several “pearls” post match. After appearing before the press, and where the bulk of questions surrounded the expulsion and the future of Jonathan Rodríguez, Robert Dante Siboldi He was not uncomfortable with the possible departure of the Uruguayan scorer and his absence on day two of the tournament; He even stated that he already knows who will be the replacement of the ‘Little Head’.

“He will weigh because he is an important player, but we have someone to supply it with, there is Milton (Caraglio). Whoever gets it will give their maximum, we are not trying to depend on a single player, this is a team. Of the expulsion because he already had yellow and the referee interpreted that the second card warranted, speaking to Jona he told me that he had hit him but it was the product of the same move, in the end he won a very complicated game “, he commented by videoconference.

Jonathan Rodríguez against Santos (Getty Images)

Rodríguez was the protagonist of yesterday’s match after continuing his scoring streak and being sent off minutes after scoring. The Oriental has been the subject of all kinds of speculation that point to an interest of various European football teams in taking over their services; However, From La Noria they have closed ranks and hope to keep their gunner until next December.

Surprised. On the other hand, the Uruguayan strategist was impressed by the actions of Alexis Gutiérrez and Misael Domínguez -the first scored the second goal-, and assured that he places a lot of confidence in both youngsters.

“We have a lot of confidence in them like everyone, they have great technical capacity and great dynamics, I have a lot of confidence in them. We believe in them, I love how they both play, but like everything, they are young, they have a processWhenever it is their turn to take advantage, they will participate in what we see they can, without rushing them, giving them confidence “he added.