We have stayed at The Social Hub in Madrid, a new hotel concept, and we have loved it

On Madrid’s Cuesta de San Vicente 28, where years ago there was a renowned printing press, stands The Social Hub (TSH for friends), an accommodation concept that is hotel but not ‘just’ hotel; student residence but not ‘only’ student residence; coworking but not ‘just’ coworking… One of those places where they explain the idea to you and it takes you a while to get a picture of the situation. Especially since it is something new and unique in Madrid. Many hotels have opened – and continue to open – and solutions such as coworking continue to have their business niche, but The Social Hub not only brings together various housing concepts and a good working environment, it also prints its stamp on different leisure plans.

Study Room en The Social Hub

But let’s go in parts. To begin with, the decoration of The Social Hub already makes a difference and tells you that you are not in a typical place. There are details that remind us that we are in the heart of a building with history (and no, it’s not just the vintage typewriters), but also lots of color and lots of light up signage. The messages (on the walls of the common areas and even in the rooms) emphasize that what they are trying to do is create a sense of community. You stay one day or six months; a weekend or for seasons. That’s what it’s all about, eating or snacking in open spaces; to have a game of ping pong; to socialize with others in the play room; to set up work meetings; dinner while a DJ plays and your neighbors in the armchair have a cocktail… You are never alone but surrounded by others like you, who seek a different way, not only to stay, but also to travel.

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Room of The Social Hub

Or study. Because we emphasize that university students are also present at The Social Hub, that concept that was successful in several countries before landing in Madrid. Students of different nationalities live together for different periods of time with access to common areas and enjoy those spaces designed as a student residence. And that creates a special and distinctive atmosphere that you will not find anywhere else. With this we do not mean that there is a continuous party or limited to a certain age (everyone from children to grandparents can fit here); Quite the contrary: if something attracts –a lot– attention in this place, it is that despite the hustle and bustle, the soul of a social club that reigns in every corner of TSH, the rooms in the part intended for hotels –category four stars, by the way– they are absolutely calm. Almost bordering on zen. It is not only that there is stillness in the corridors; It’s that you don’t even notice the noise from the street. Something worthwhile considering that this ‘complex’ (because it is thanks to its nearly 14,000 square meters and its different functions) is located right in front of the Royal Palace, which also implies that it is one step away from the Plaza de España and the Príncipe Pío station and shopping center and very close to Gran Vía (and its musicals) or Puerta del Sol. But, going back to the rooms, even the Smaller in size make them feel spacious, so you won’t lack room to move. It does not have a wardrobe to use but it does have a ‘donkey’ equipped with fixed hangers, shelves, bar cabinet, courtesy water, bathroom with shower, television, Wi-Fi and very comfortable beds. If you book and want/can, try to stay in one of the rooms with a view of the Royal Palace: going to bed and waking up with that majestic monument in front of you is priceless.

RooftopBar en The Social Hub

But TSH is not designed for you to spend the day in your room, but rather to enjoy its wide range of entertainment. And within that offer there is, not only one, but tres rooftops. On the fourth floor is the rooftop bar, where you can have a drink inside or on the terrace. Then there is the rooftop pool, at the foot of the pool (not very big, but when the heat hits in Madrid it provides guests with a lot of joy, believe us). It also has a private solarium that begins to have its public in spring. A real pleasure to see spend the afternoon in any of the loungers by the pool. You can also have a snack, but if you want a good coffee, go to the ground floor where the mission coffee and that, as their name suggests, they are open to all requests from the listener. As for the restaurant from floor 0, has been designed to recharge your batteries at the time you like. Here you will find everything from cheese boards to portions of croquettes or broken eggs, including bowls, salads, sandwiches, hamburgers… And all at a good price, so don’t rule it out if you’re only in the area and want to have a drink: come in and check it out. That is also where the breakfasts are served, very well assorted by the way. More things that you can find in TSH? A fully equipped gym, laundry and even a shop next to the reception corner that is stocked with the most basic cool. What do you need t-shirts or have you forgotten your shoes? No problem. In addition, and in case of doubt, the hotel staff, always dressed in an informal way very much in the TSH vibe, is extremely friendly and is always ready to help you with everything. One More Thing: The Social Hub Leads the Trend eco and sustainable (toilet paper or toothbrushes, the latter available at reception, have an interesting history of sustainability behind them). As such, they have bicycles at your disposal so that you can make a route through Madrid. And it’s not a bad idea, because the city is betting more and more on bike lanes and because the Casa de Campo, which is very, very close, is well worth a visit.

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