We have played Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy and Starlord would be proud of his action and adventures

Eidos Montreal and Marvel Games have teamed up to bring to life the video game you did not expect, inspired by the most unusual group of superheroes from American cartoons: Welcome to Milan! Make a gap between the raccoon, the llama and the plant and get ready to enjoy what aspires to be one of the surprises of the end of 2021: Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy.

Forget everything you knew about Marvel video games so far: all the wishes of the Marvel Games boss ordered in 3D Games in 2018, Bill Rosemann, are coming true. We already anticipated it in the advance of Marvel’s Midnight Suns: it is coming a cascade of games starring the heroes of the House of Ideas. I am afraid that the new Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy has traces to be another of the productions that mark the new destiny of the brand in the field of entertainment software after meritorious proposals such as that of Insomniac with the two Spider-Man of his vintage.

The feeling I had at the controls of the new Guardians of the Galaxy video game is that it aspires to be everything we wanted Avengers to be and it wasn’t. I explain: Crystal Dynamics made a bet on the game as a service that, being far from what we would classify as a failure, did leave many players who hoped to find a more traditional superhero adventure. The Eidos Montreal thing is the complete opposite of what his fellow Californians developed, presenting a curious proposal with a premise that we already saw in the cinema with Marvel Studios a few years ago and successfully achieved: make you fall in love with Starlord, Gamora, Groot, Rocket y Drax.

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Because it is true that there are some playable releases of the new adventure from the developers of the modern Deus Ex that they have made me raise an eyebrow while playing, but has a number of interesting ideas when creating an adventure in which the characters are a part of the whole that, without a doubt, I was excited. In short, will they be able to emulate success in theaters on consoles? I have no doubts about it.

A unique team in Marvel

The battle system also featured some not very original ice and freeze power mechanics.Let’s start with the eyebrow arch during the demo: The part I got to play takes the Guardians to a Nova Corps base that seems abandoned by the intergalactic police from the Marvel universe. The protagonists, who do not know how to enter the base, have to solve a puzzle of electricity circuits it couldn’t be simpler. In 2021? Really? Drivers clearing doors that need power? Back in the days of Bioshock it was an old concept, hence my concern when I faced it in the first minutes of the show. Shortly after the battle system was also presented with some mechanics of powers of ice and freezing not very original … but then I was seeing the keys after the proposal in the collaboration between the Guardians and their relationship as a team.

The first thing you should know is that here We’ll just control good old Peter Quill, so our interaction with the rest of the squad will be limited to selecting targets to attack and taking care of the cooldown between abilities to create the best strategies. Quill has two guns, a freeze and a fire pistol, and can activate his flight or dodge skills to avoid the enemy onslaught. The interesting thing comes when the call Huddle Gauge fills up as the game progresses: then a moment is activated in which the Guardians gather around Quill and you must give them a motivational speech so that they launch into battle based on rock songs from the 80s.

If you are correct in your words, you achieve that the cooling of your allies is lower, with which you have greater use of the special abilities of each Guardian and increased collaboration between team members. In the scenarios there are also some interactive elements that Starlord can spot so that team members can do more damage. For example, some beams tied by ropes can be cut by Gamora and explosive barrels can be thrown at groups of enemies with Drax’s brute force. Depending on how well or how badly we do it, the momentum bar It will reward us with experience and new elements that, later, we can turn into new abilities for Starlord and the rest of his allies.

Emulating the cinema in video games

Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy PC

It is the charisma of the characters that will convince you to continue enjoying the gameBeyond its playable originality, it is the presence and charisma of the five characters that will convince you to continue enjoying the game. In fact, and beyond the action adventures themselves, they are the sections that we live in the Guardians ship, Milan, which have pleasantly surprised me: the crew will be gathered there (and some surprise guests, by the way) and we will be able to improve our ties with colleagues and hear some of the greatest hits of the Peter Quill mix. The Guardians will react to the hero’s’ 80s songs, which will lead to funny situations with the protagonists.

The good ideas of Guardians of the Galaxy do not end there. Eidos Montreal is not developing a linear history to use, which has led him to make a series of interesting playable decisions that will allow players to change some elements of the story and the course of the adventure. For example, and without going into spoilers, in a set of the part played we can free a prisoner from a Nova Corps cell. Our decision will trigger a series of circumstances that will enable us to see the incarcerated in new places of the ship or not. The same thing happens with a communication that we will make during the adventure: if we decide to communicate with another ship or not, the way we face the final battle of the chapter will change.

Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy

The developers have worked on a whole series of collectibles for each of the GuardiansAlso, the developers have worked on a whole series of collectibles for each of the Guardians that we can find throughout the different episodes, which will allow each of the protagonists to access different unique elements that will unlock, in turn, new conversations and ties between the protagonists. The idea of ​​the team behind the software, in fact, goes through reward in a very visible way the exploration of the scenarios, with many nods to other Marvel characters and with access to different tracks and elements that, in turn, will unlock new secret talks between the protagonists that will serve to learn more about them. All this will arrive at its premiere next October in Spanish, a new sample of Bandai Namco pampering for the Spanish market.

Marvel, who’s seen you and who’s seen you!

Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy PC

How much things have changed in recent years! We were talking the other day in the 3DJuegos newsroom about what licensed video games were in the past and what they are now and we couldn’t be happier with the current situation. Do you remember the times of LJN making games of the main characters of the American cartoons? I am going to give you two names: the 1991 Wolverine and Spider-Man: Return of the Sinister Six, both 8-bit. I give you two contemporary names: Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 and Marvel’s Wolverine, both developed by one of the fittest and most talented studios on the West Coast, Insomniac. Do we see the difference? Even in the most controversial projects, like Marvel VS. Capcom’s Capcom Infinite and Crystal Dynamic’s Marvel’s Avengers had talent.

In fact, it seems that Disney has understood that the distribution of the different universes and characters of the Marvel universe between different studies it’s a good strategy for one of the vertical star of the mouse house. Time has shown that the “kidnapping” by Electronic Arts of the Star Wars franchise did not bring the expected results, hence seeing such a varied panorama for its superheroes in the near future should cheer up any comic book and video game fan alike. In fact, if it weren’t for that, it is likely that Eidos would not have created Kammy the flame, and that is something we cannot afford.



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