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After two unconvincing films, Percy Jackson is back soon, but this time on the small screen. Two years ago, Disney announced that it was preparing a series based on the famous saga of Rick Riordan. Something to entertain fans who can’t wait to find the young demigods in new epic adventures.

Percy Jackson – Disney+ Credits

Well good news, because the filming of the future series Disney+ progressing well Everything will even go very well if we are to believe the information reported by Screen Rant. We tell you everything!

We are already halfway through Book 1!

Much like the first Percy Jackson film, the series Disney+ will adapt the first book of the literary saga: The Lightning Thief. So we will meet the young Percy at the age of twelve and who discovers his nature as a demigod, but above all a fantastic and hyper dangerous universe for people like him. Filming for the series began last June in the city of Vancouver.

And it’s moving fast as Rick Riordan himself announced on his website. The writer is indeed personally involved in the project, he keeps the fans regularly updated on the progress of the filming. In particular, he assured that the series will be faithful to the book: “How much Percy content have we covered? Put it this way: If you’ve been following the book, we kinda filmed Chapter Nine of Lightning Thief. That’s a big part of the story, but there’s still a lot of fun and games to come! And yes, the filming followed the story of the book very closely, almost as if the author himself was involved! » This is excellent news for fans worried about this new adaptation of their favorite saga.

A promising new adaptation

For his series Percy Jackson, Disney decided to put the odds on its side: and what better than to involve the author of the books himself in the project? So Rick Riordan is attached to the project as screenwriter and executive producer! And the least we can say is that the latter is really thorough, as evidenced by the information he regularly shares on his website.

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It’s not yet clear when exactly the series will be available on Disney+, but fans are all hoping to reunite with Percy, Annabeth and Grover as soon as next year. The young heroes will be played respectively by Walker Scobell (The Adam Project), Leah Sava Jeffries (Beast) and Aryan Simhadri (Cheaper By the Dozen). Can’t wait for 2024 to find out what it will bring!



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