“We have all your data”: they leave the restaurant without paying but no luck, the boss has their photo

Thursday evening, the Golden Pub in Saint-Quentin, in the north of France, had a very bad experience with a table of 8 people. The group left without paying the bill. Bad luck for them: the boss has in his possession the video surveillance images of the restaurant.

“These eight people of questionable moral character, who granted themselves the right to leave without paying, have unfortunately been filmed and photographed by our surveillance systems”he explained on Facebook.

He went to the trouble of sticking an emoji on everyone’s head, but threatened to release the perpetrators’ faces if they didn’t come back to pay for their meal.

“The last step will of course be a complaint to your names and your images in the Police, because yes, magic of networks and computing, we have all the data on you”adds the boss of the Golden Pub.

The 8 people had until Sunday to return to pay. We don’t know if they came to pay the bill or not, but the post is still visible on the restaurant’s Facebook page… with the emojis.

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