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Although Wanda Nara she sleeps peacefully with several million euros in her account, she owns a dream wardrobe and thousands of handbags and pairs of shoes with which she could pay the debt to the IMF, behind everything there is, as she sang Susana Gimenez, “only a woman”.

A woman who cares about her loved ones, who pursues happiness and appreciates the good gestures of others. About that and an endless number of topics he spoke Wanda in his stories, while his children were watching a game, when he surprised with news: valentino lopez he had an accident.

After denying the news from the European media indicating that she was no longer the representative of Mauro IcardiWanda recounted what happened to the teenager for nothing, after mentioning a message that had come to her from a nurse, in which she told her that she envied her life of success and glamor.

“What I would give to be you, to have your life”said the sister of Zaira that the woman sent him, before continuing with what had happened the day before with the first child he had with Maxi Lópezwho is 13 years old, breaks it in soccer and in the summer surprised with his “anti-Argentine” phrase.

“She is dying to be me, and I really admire her. Because in a pandemic she saved all of our lives, and because she chose a career that helps us all”started the blonde.

And I add: “Yesterday my eldest son broke his clavicle. We ran out, and the first aid is done by a nurse. So, I believe that in life it doesn’t matter who you are, it matters to be happy and what you do that gives you happiness and that you are convinced.”

Without giving more details about the bad moment Valen went through, Wanda continued her day leaving messages of support for Camila Homswho received the stamina of her and countless soccer couples after the confirmation of Rodrigo’s romance From Paul con Tini Stoessel.

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