We fill our tank less, even after excise duty reduction

This is apparent from an analysis by ING on behalf of BNR. The debit card turnover of today was compared with that of September of last year. ING economists see a clear difference between the price and turnover increase. The latter is lagging behind the rising prices.

working from home

“Fuel prices are 21 percent higher, while debit card revenue at gas stations has only increased by 15 percent,” says ING economist Marten van Garderen. According to the analysis, the Dutch do not go to the gas station less often, but they do fill their tank less.

“We are therefore driving fewer kilometers,” says Van Garderen. This could be partly explained by the fact that many people have continued to work from home since corona. Some companies would encourage that, precisely because of the high fuel prices.

At the beginning of April, the cabinet lowered excise duties on petrol and diesel for the rest of the year. With this, the government wants to make some concessions to people, since energy and fuel prices have risen sharply due to, among other things, the war in Ukraine.

Petrol prices have now risen sharply again, and are almost back to the level of before the excise tax cut.

Refueling in Germany

According to BETA, an interest group for gas stations, gas stations will have an extra hard time in the coming period. In Germany, the petrol excise tax will be reduced by 30 cents. “Pump keepers in the border provinces are really looking forward to tropical months,” says BETA chairman Ewout Klok. He argues for a VAT reduction to accommodate gas stations.



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