We entered the luxurious, coquettish and spectacular mansion that Marie Chantal has in New York

While her move to Greece is up in the air, Marie Chantal lives in New York. Together with Pablo from Greece, she lives in a spectacular house in the Big Apple with modern, classic touches and in which there is no lack of detail.

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With the death of Constantine of Greece, his son Pablo (55 years old) and Marie Chantal (55 years old), his wife, have come to occupy the symbolic throne from the country. In 1974 there was a referendum with which the monarchy disappeared, therefore, although Constantine was king in his day, his son is no longer. But he does hold the title of head of the Royal House of Greece. A symbolic title that will not alter his life. But despite this, there is the possibility that Pablo and Marie Chantal leave New York and move to Athens in this new phase of their lives. This would imply leaving the luxurious house in which they live in the Big Apple.

Pablo from Greece and Marie Chantal have properties in different parts of the world. But New York is the city in which they have lived since 2017. Their home is located on the outskirts of the Big Apple, and it is a mansion that they bought in 2020 and that it would have cost them 16.5 million dollars according to what was reported at the time by ‘The Real Deal’. A house that has numerous bedrooms and bathrooms, kitchen, library, swimming pools and even a tennis court. Marie Chantal has found a place there where she can carry out her routine with her husband and her five children, although some of them do not live there. And from time to time, she shares photos on social networks in which you can see some details of this spectacular house.

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