Sharon Everill has been angry that a six-meter-high wall was built next to her residence, where she has lived for 30 years. If the promoters have offered to contribute to the costs of the trees that would be necessary to hide them from the Briton, the latter considers that this is not enough: “We don’t want this, we just don’t want this horror here. . “

“We knew there would be a house 10 meters from our property, but it was never mentioned that there would be a 6 meter high concrete retaining wall. We came home one day and it was there, ”she laments. “We talked to the builders that we were never notified, and they insist that notices have been posted. “

A new subdivision

If this wall was built, it was to put the development of more than 270 houses in this area. The license was obtained by Tilia Homes in 2018 to build this subdivision. Ms Everill says the land behind her house has always been green space and was not part of the old Wilmot Drive estate.

A spokesperson for Tilia Homes said: “The retaining wall along the rear of Weston Close was built in accordance with the building permit granted by the Newcastle-under-Lyme Borough Council in 2018. The details of it- these were available to the public at the time. We have been in contact with the resident for the past few weeks and have offered a contribution to planting trees to help hide the wall in her garden. We are more than happy to discuss this further and find a solution that works for both parties. “


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