We can train with running and lose weight in the summer only if we respect these important rules

Summer is above all synonymous with rest and vacation. Not only because this season, taking advantage of the holidays, we finally change our daily habits marked by commitments. You have more time to be able to devote yourself to activities that usually end up in the usual “hellish circle” of good intentions. Like, for example, going for a run. We step on the scales and get scared. How is it possible that we managed to put on all that weight? Still, we gave up on that calorie treat, but nothing to do. The costume test does not reward us and it is necessary, it is appropriate to say, to run for cover.

It’s okay to run, but there are behaviors that should always be combined with physical effort

The first thought is to go out for a good run. On vacation we don’t have time problems and when we turn around we can go for a ride. It is obviously hot, but we must not be discouraged. We can train with running and lose weight in the summer, in fact, but only if we respect certain rules that are fundamental for the success of the training. Maybe combining it with some fun exercises, useful for losing pounds.

The main mistake is to think that running is enough to lose weight. Of course, doing it definitely helps, especially if we’re not that trained. Our body, subjected to an effort to which it is not used to, will certainly burn many calories. However, everything around him is also important. If, for example, thanks to the race we have made, we reward ourselves with a plate of pasta or a liter of beer, it will be like not having raced. A balanced diet, combined with running, will make us lose weight more quickly. Many recommend eating, for example, 1 gram of protein for every kilo of your ideal weight. Eating slowly is essential, just as sleeping a few hours more than usual, consistently, makes you lose kilos.

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We can train with running and lose weight in the summer only if we respect these important rules

In short, it should be clear to everyone that running alone is not enough. Then, there are some important rules that those who are not used to running consistently should absolutely follow. For example, never go for a run during the hottest hours. It seems trivial, but there are those who do it convinced that, by sweating more, he will lose more weight. Instead, that sweat is used to lower the body temperature. Which is nonsense, since drinking is enough to rehydrate the lost sweat. In fact, there are also those who wear a windbreaker or overalls, even with 30 and more degrees, to sweat more. Also risking illness.

It is necessary to dress lightly and, possibly, with technical material. Attention, then, to the nipples, because, rubbing against the shirts, with sweat, they could bleed. Just a little Vaseline before leaving. We learn not to look at the clock and to make comparisons with times made in other seasons. In hot weather it is normal to go 3 or 5 seconds slower per kilometer if you are exercising. Let alone who is not. The body has to adapt to high temperatures and, after some training, we will see improvements. Finally, it is necessary to drink a lot, integrate with mineral salts and protect the skin with a sunscreen. And if it rains, let’s not miss the chance of a nice jog under the summer water.


This is the precise time to respect to go out for a walk if we want to lose weight quickly and get fantastic results on the scale

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