Wayne Bridge shoots sharply against Italy’s Roberto Mancini

Verbal attack against Azzurri hero Mancini! Ex-England star Wayne Bridge is still deeply frustrated with the lost European Championship final. Especially because Roberto Mancini of all people coached Italy to great success. The two know each other from common times at Manchester City, but the 36-time English International doesn’t think much of the Italian.

“It really hurt me because I hate Mancini,” said Bridge in an interview with bettingexpert, “everyone knows I didn’t like him.” In 2009 the left-back joined Manchester City from Chelsea. A short time later, Mancini was sitting in the dugout of the “Citizens” when he took over from Mark Hughes. Only a year earlier, the Premier League club received the big financial injection thanks to the takeover of the sheikhs from Abu Dhabi.

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