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The draw for the Egyptian Premier League was held yesterday for the new football season 2021-2022, which starts on October 25, 2021.

The “Al-Masry Al-Youm” portal reviews the schedule of the Egyptian Premier League 2022 matches and the channels that transmit the new version of the Egyptian Premier League matches.

During the draw, Al-Ahly club was represented by Samir Adly, Managing Director, and Zamalek Club was represented by Mohamed Saeed, the administrator of Zamalek.

2022 Egyptian Premier League clubs

18 teams will participate in the 2022 Premier League competition, namely, the defending champions, Al-Zamalek, Al-Ahly, Al-Ismaili, Al-Masry, Misr for Clearing, Ghazl El-Mahalla, Future, Farco, Al-Ahly Bank, Eastern Tobacco, Pyramids, Smouha, Tala’a El-Gaish, Arab Contractors, Enppi, Al-Ittihad of Alexandria, Farco and Ceramica Cleopatra.

The Egyptian League matches 2022 and the carrier channels

The Egyptian League matches are scheduled to be broadcast on Ontime Sport channels, whether the first, second and third, after the draw for the Egyptian League matches was made in a major hotel in Cairo, on Tuesday.

The ceremony of the draw was presented by Ahmed Hossam Mido, the former Zamalek star, while it was withdrawn by the Dean of the world players, Ahmed Hassan, Hossam Ghaly, the former Al-Ahly player, and Ahmed Al-Kass, the former Egyptian football star.

Watch the Egyptian League 2022 matches schedule and carrier channels

Al-Ahly’s schedule in the Egyptian League matches 2022

1- Al-Ahly X Ismaily

2- Al-Ahly X Al-Ahly Bank

3- Al-Ahly X Zamalek

4- Al-Ahly X The Arab Contractors

5- Al-Ahly X Ghazl Al-Mahalla

6- Al-Ahly X Smouha

7- Al-Ahly X Future

8- Al-Ahly X Pyramids

9- Al Ahly X El Gouna

10- Al-Ahly X Misr El-Maqasa

11- Al-Ahly X Farco

12- Al-Ahly X Al-Ittihad

13- Al-Ahly X Al-Masry Al-Porsaidi.

14- Al-Ahly X Eastern Tobacco

15- Al-Ahly X Enppi

16- Al-Ahly X Vanguards of the Army

17- Al-Ahly X Ceramica Cleopatra.

Egyptian League Shield – archive photo

As for the schedule of Zamalek in the Egyptian League 2022 matches,

The first week: Zamalek * Enppi.

The second week: Zamalek * Vanguards of the Army

The third week: Zamalek * Al-Ahly

Fourth week: Zamalek and Ismaili

Fifth week: Zamalek * National Bank

Sixth week: Zamalek * Ceramica

Week Seven: Zamalek * Contractors

The eighth week: Zamalek * Ghazl Mahalla

The ninth week: Zamalek * Smouha

Week Ten: Zamalek * Future

Eleventh week: Zamalek * Pyramids

Twelfth week: Zamalek * El Gouna

Thirteenth week: Zamalek * clearing

Fourteenth week: Zamalek * Farco.

Fifteenth week: Zamalek * Alexandrian Federation.

Sixteenth week: Zamalek * Egyptian

Seventeenth week: Zamalek * Eastern Tobacco.

Ismaily club schedule in the Egyptian league matches 2022

First round: Al-Ahly-Ismaili.

The second round: Ceramica – Ismaily.

The third round: Al-Ahly Bank – Ismaili.

Fourth round: Ismaily – Zamalek.

Fifth round: The Arab Contractors – Ismaili.

Sixth round: Ismaili – Mahalla.

Seventh round: Smouha – Ismaily.

Eighth round: Ismaili – Future.

The ninth round: Pyramids – Ismaily.

The tenth round: Ismaily – El Gouna.

Eleventh round: clearing – Ismaily.

Twelfth round: Ismaili – Farco.

Thirteenth round: Alexandria-Ismaili Federation.

Fourteenth round: Ismaily – Al-Masry Al-Port Saidi.

Fifteenth round: Eastern Dukhan – Ismaily.

Sixteenth round: Ismaili – Enppi.

Seventeenth round: Vanguard of the Army – Ismaili.

Al-Masry and Tala’a El-Gaish match in the Egyptian Premier League – archive photo

The schedule of the Egyptian club matches in the Egyptian League matches 2022

First round: Ghazl Al-Mahalla x Al-Masry

Second round: Al-Masry x Smouha

Third round: Future FC x Al Masry

Fourth round: Al-Masry x Pyramids

Fifth round: El Gouna x El Masry

Sixth round: Al-Masry x Misr El-Maqasa

Seventh round: Farco x Al-Masry

Eighth round: Al-Masry x Al-Ittihad

The ninth round: Al-Masry x Ceramica

Tenth round: Eastern Company x Al-Masry

Eleventh round: Al-Masry x Enppi

Twelfth round: Vanguard of the Army x Al-Masry

Thirteenth round: Al-Masry x Al-Ahly

Fourteenth round: Ismaily x Al-Masry

Fifteenth round: Al-Masry x Al-Ahly Bank

Sixteenth round: Zamalek x Al-Masry

Seventeenth round: Al-Masry x The Arab Contractors


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