Watch.. the cheapest zero electric cars in Egypt.. they bought from them after increasing the gasoline

Gasoline prices rose dramatically yesterday in all markets, so everyone started looking for electric cars as a distinct alternative solution to save money, and they are environmentally friendly because they do not emit carbon dioxide, do not emit polluting fumes into the atmosphere, and do not emit any loud sound.

The cheapest electric cars Zero in Egypt to reduce gasoline consumption

Everyone is looking for the cheapest zero electric cars in Egypt because it is one of the things that everyone wants to have, and it saves a lot in gasoline consumption, and greatly preserves the environment.

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Zotye E200

The Zotye is one of the most important electric hatchback cars, and it can accommodate only two seats, and has an electric motor of 30 kilowatt-hours of torque 165 Nm and the number of turns up to 7000 revolutions per minute, and its price is up to 370 thousand pounds.

Zotye E200
Zotye E200

Zotye T300

There is an electric car that belongs to the category of crossover service cars, and it has an electric motor with a battery capacity of 42.7 kWh with a power of 129 hp and a torque of 260 Nm, and it uses an electric transmission in a fixed ratio to deliver the speed from the engine to the front wheels, and its price is up to 515 thousand pounds.

Zotye T300
Zotye T300

Ioniq 2022

The Hyundai Ioniq 2022 relies on an electric motor working on a power of 139 hp, and it can accelerate from a standing position to a speed of 100 km in 10.8 seconds, with a battery charged until it reaches 90% of its energy for a period of up to 33 seconds when using Fast charging technology, and its price reaches 590 thousand pounds.

Ioniq 2022
Ioniq 2022

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