Watch: Randa El-Behairy’s attack on Hala Shiha ignites the artistic community

Actress Randa El-Beheiry launched a major attack on her fellow Egyptian artist, Hala Shiha, after her recent crisis with artist Tamer Hosni because of the clip “Bahebak” from the movie “Mesh Ana”.

Randa wrote, through her account on the social networking site (Facebook): “Ok, I went back to my words, and agreed that what I did as a Shiha solution, this is forbidden, and I was not supposed to film this movie, and my behavior is useful from forbidden money? .. Is the money that you took in the movie,” according to her.

And Hala Shiha had recently attacked the artist Tamer Hosni after he released the clip “I Love You” from his new movie “Mish Ana”, which is currently shown in theaters, through his channel on (YouTube).

And Hala wrote, through her account on the photo-sharing application (Instagram): “I was very surprised by the release of a clip that combines separate scenes from the movie, and in the days of Dhul-Hijjah, blessed days, especially after the last post I downloaded, in which I explained what.”

And she continued, “I was more surprised, especially after Tamer Hosni promised me, and confirmed that he would respect my desire, and some of the requests I asked him with all respect and the love of the summer that passed, and he assured me that he would respect my desire.”

And she continued: “We may have succeeded by the standards of the world, but believe me by the measure of our Lord, we did not and will not succeed, I know and am sure that my colleagues are good, but unfortunately the sedition of fame and success does not allow us to see and measure things right.”

And she continued, “Speaking from my heart, this clip pleases our Lord and I cried, because I saw myself in these scenes, this was a slip as a result of circumstances I went through, and we all made mistakes, and we must make mistakes, because we are human beings, but the disaster is that we overlook and forget.”

And she added, “I will not be caught by anyone, I have decided from these scenes, and they are not correct, and I made a mistake, and in a reconciliation, and the most important thing is that our Lord is satisfied with me; because in the other, this is what will benefit us, not fame, nor success, neither is it not success at all; because of the real success. Another thing at all, most of us forgot about it except for a few. If art makes us move away from the curriculum of our Lord and we don’t set an example for our children, it remains void and it is not art. “


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