watch out for this new car theft technique

Car thieves have found a new technique to achieve their ends, thanks to the new Apple AirTag, allowing them to geolocate their prey.

A few months ago, Apple launched its latest connected product, called AirTag: a small object the size of a 2 euro coin, which attaches to your keys, bags or luggage, or even to a bike or a scooter. for example. Marketed at 35 €, the tool allows you to geolocate your precious objects, in order to find them in the event of loss or theft. If the Apple AirTag were designed to make life easier for its users, it didn’t take long before some people diverted their use to malicious purposes.

Indeed, several cases of car thefts involving AirTags have been identified in the United States and Canada: in practice, thieves choose their prey, very often a luxury vehicle, and hide an AirTag on it, in well-hidden places such as bumpers, behind a plate license plate, a wheel arch or in the fuel filler flap, for example. The criminals can thus geolocate the car, and follow it to a quiet place where they can proceed with the theft discreetly, often at the owner’s home … A scenario worthy of a spy film, and which is cold in the back !

Apple AirTag flights: how to protect yourself from them?

Faced with the development of new technologies and their potential malicious uses, it is necessary to be more and more careful … Apple has already planned a parade in order to guard against this new type of theft: if you have a smartphone running iOS, such as an iPhone or an iPad for example, your device will send you a notification if a foreign AirTag is detected near you, and that follows in your travels.

You can then ring it in order to locate it on your car, then neutralize it by removing its battery: if you are the victim of such an attempted theft, the offending AirTag could also help the police to identify the thief, by finding the iPhone to which he is associated. For Android smartphone users, a similar application has already been released by Apple on the Google Play Store: Tracker Detect.

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