Watch out.. arm pain indicates that you have a serious illness

Arm pain is fairly common and can be the result of an injury or stress, but it may indicate something more serious. The sooner you solve the problem of pain, the more you can prevent further injury and the faster you can recover. In the coming lines, we will explain five ways it can indicate That your arm pain is a serious disease, according to what was published by the site “eatthis“.

1- arm pain and corona virus

Studies show that persistent pain in the arms and legs can be a sign of continuing symptoms of corona, as many patients with musculoskeletal disorders associated with corona recover, but for some individuals, their symptoms become serious, seriously worrying the patient or affecting their quality of life , which prompts them to take imaging scans to see if the muscle and joint pain associated with Corona, for example, is not just body pain similar to what we see from the flu.

2- Arm pain and diabetes:

Doctors say arm pain can be a sign of diabetic peripheral neuropathy Diabetic nerve pain or ‘damaged nerves’ are caused by injury or disease Restricted blood flow to damaged nerves leads to chronic pain and nerve pain can make doing even the simplest things painful Extremely.

3- Arm pain and blood clots

Arm pain or swelling can be a sign of a blood clot. Most blood clots form in the leg, but they can also develop in the blood vessels of your arm, especially if you have a medical catheter or if you recently had surgery on your arm, neck, or chest.

4- Arm pain and lung cancer

Arm and shoulder pain may be a sign of lung cancer, according to board-certified radiation oncologist Gary Larson, M.D.: “I’ve treated two patients in the past few months who had lung cancer with shoulder pain. I’ve seen countless Of the patients in my career have had shoulder pain because the cancer has spread to the shoulder (shoulder blade) or humerus (upper arm bone) – or to the spine at the level where the nerves travel to the shoulder.”

5- Arm pain and heart attacks

Doctors say pain in the left arm is a well-known sign of a heart attack. Pain that spreads to the jaw, back, neck, or arms may indicate a heart condition, especially if the origin is difficult to determine, according to cardiologist Leslie Chu and Cleveland Clinic. You may feel pain, but there is no specific muscle or joint pain. If the discomfort starts or gets worse when you exert yourself, then stops when you stop exercising, you should also check it out.”



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