watch how a bubble freezes

Photographer Alfredo Ristol was visiting his parents’ house in machinchaoin the southern region of Black river, there where the Patagonia it becomes a steppe and the cold hits so hard that today it turned the town with -14°C into the town with the lowest temperature in Argentina.

Last night, Alfredo observed how the thermometer dropped to 10 degrees below zero around 11 p.m., an indication that one of those frosts would fall. It woke up with -14°C and a thermal sensation of -18°C.

In just seconds the process continues. Photo: Alfredo Ristol.

With the first light around nine in the morning He went out to the patio, with a straw in hand and the cell phone camera ready.

He approached an apricot tree and dropped a few drops.

The bubble almost completely frozen. But it’s missing: watch the video. Photo: Alfredo Ristol.

What happened next, at freeze coming into contact with the ice on the branch and the surrounding frigid air was amazing. If you were surprised by the photos, you will not be able to believe the video:

«Whenever I come I go out to take photos and videos. I like to do it because it represents the cold that is felt in the South Line“Alfredo says.

With the power of images, he manages to be appreciated by more and more with a magical glance.

In other trips he has achieved it with snowflakes or what happens when you launchboiling water with extreme cold. This time it was the turn of the bubble.

Alfredo in the middle of the snow in Maquinchao.

The video already travels the country and collects thousands of likes. “It’s amazing how fast images travel. I wanted them to see what is happening on the Southern Line and especially in Maquinchao«Says Alfredo. Mission accomplished.



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