Watch a rare video of a palm reader who predicted the fate of Samir Ghanem and his two daughters, Donia and Emmy, 40 years ago

A circulating video clip about a “person” who predicted the fate of Samir Ghanem and George Sidhom sparked controversy among the followers.
The video dates back to 40 years ago, in one of the episodes of the “Welcome” program, which hosted “Samir and their master” with palmist Mohamed Fathi.

And the “palm reader” George told their master that he should not sleep sad so that he would not be exposed to illness due to the psychological and nervous state, and that suppressing his anger inside him would fall ill.
After that, “George” suffered a stroke as a result of his poor psychological condition after his brother sold his property under a general power of attorney and fled abroad, which led to the deterioration of his condition and his removal from the limelight.
As for Samir Ghanem, “the fortune teller” told him that there was a surprise that would happen to him and that two of his offspring would have a huge affair, and the followers linked this prophecy to his marriage to the artist Dalal Abdulaziz Ghanem after that and the fame of both Donia and Amy Samir Ghanem in art.