Waste management starts pilot project downtown Paramaribo

The Waste Management subdirectorate of the Public Green and Waste Management Directorate (OGA), which comes under the Ministry of Public Works, recently started a pilot to rid the city center of dirt.

The entire center repeatedly finds itself in a situation where PET bottles and other types of waste accumulate with all the consequences that entails. In this context, a start has recently been made on cleaning up the city centre, whereby vagrants have been put to work to clean up the PET and beer bottles and cans.

According to Jason Gummels, Deputy Director of Waste Management, this pilot project is intended to raise awareness for a clean Suriname. The community can help promote this by taking good care of their dirt.

The bums who help with the clean-up receive a fee for the work performed. During the clean up, net bags were used to collect the bottles and cans, as the material of these garbage bags does not hold water.

Amazona Reclycling Company NV contributes by providing a pick-up in which the bags can be removed. After this pilot project in the city center, it will be examined how this can be continued at national level. There are people who have volunteered to lend a hand in this project.

A sustainable approach requires public awareness, because if they do not throw their own rubbish on the street, the environments will remain clean and the workforce can be contracted out elsewhere.

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