Alexey Seryakov

Alexey Seryakov

“Washington” – “Carolina”. Forecast: Ovechkin, Kuznetsov and Kovalchuk will not rush

It was “Carolina” that knocked the “capital” out of the last Stanley Cup.

The Washington Capitals will face the Carolina Hurricanes on July 29 in the NHL preseason. The game starts at 23:00 Moscow time. Experts in their forecasts give preference to nominal owners: you can bet on Washington’s victory in bookmakers with a coefficient of 2.43, the success of Carolina goes to bookmakers for 2.70.

Bookmaker odds for NHL Washington Capitals vs. Carolina Hurricanes

Bookmakers are confident that the NHL match “Washington Capitals” – “Carolina Hurricanes” on July 29 will be effective: total over 5.5 goals goes for 1.95, and total under 5.5 goals – for 2.04. A draw in regular time is available at bookmakers at odds of 4.50.

Analysis and prediction of the match “Washington Capitals” – “Carolina Hurricanes” (07/29/2020)

The NHL is still returning to duty after a forced pause due to the coronavirus pandemic. Previous official matches were played back on March 12th. And now, after 4.5 months, the best hockey league in the world will once again reveal itself to the fans. The wait is very short, the play-in starts on August 1.

Montreal – Toronto. Prediction: Mikheev, Tavares and Matthews will smash Carey Price

The next round of principled confrontation should be successful.

In the meantime – meaningless games. It is not clear how to call them: either pre-season, or friendly, or pre-layoff. However, these are already details. Immediately, we note that the division into hosts and guests in the vast majority of cases until the end of the season will be conditional, matches are hosted by two cities in Canada – Edmonton and Toronto.

Washington will be back on Wednesday, July 29th. He will play in Toronto with Carolina. This confrontation has recently become fundamental. It is not surprising – it was the “hurricanes” that knocked Ovechkin and Kuznetsov out of the past Stanley Cup in the first round.

In the regular season 2019/2020, the rivals managed to cross four times. The first two matches were for the Hurricanes (3: 2 OT and 6: 4), the last two – for the Capitals (4: 3 and 2: 0). It is clear that we are only talking about a control game in which no one will put the result at the forefront, but still there should be a certain degree.

Lazio – Brescia. Prediction: Immobile will pull away from Ronaldo in the Serie A scorers race

The Swallows have suffered five defeats in the previous six rounds of Serie A.

“Stolichnye” sagged after a powerful segment at the end of 2019, but the stock was still enough to stay in the top 4 of the Eastern Conference. That is, there is no sense in rushing to the peak: there is a round robin tournament ahead, there is plenty of time. Most likely, Todd Rearden’s charges are far from optimal.

But Carolina finished sixth in the conference and will fight in the play-in with the New York Rangers. The first match will take place on August 1, that is, in two days. The coaching staff will certainly not overload the leaders, but it is logical to assume that the “hurricanes” are already getting out of the way.

In principle, against such a background, it is quite possible to check W2 with zero handicap in 2.10. “Washington” has nowhere to rush, problems with defense have not gone away, and the injury of Ilya Samsonov actually left Braden Holtby in splendid isolation. The American failed the first half of the season, and closer to spring did not differ much stability.

Udinese – Lecce. Prediction: Bekao, Lapadula, Shakhov and Saponara will have fun in Udine

In seven of the Wolves’ previous eight matches in Serie A, goals have been scored in both directions.

It is also worth considering the option “guests will open an account” for 1.97. The Caps often slept openings and turned on full speed closer to the end of matches. It is highly likely that after a long pause, they will take time to swing. Still, the squad is quite old, while Carolina, on the contrary, has many young hockey players.

Prediction and bets on the match “Washington Capitals” – “Carolina Hurricanes” July 29, 2020

The rivalry is quite principled, despite the unofficial status of the game. It was Carolina who knocked Ovechkin and Kuznetsov out of the Stanley Cup last year. The Hurricanes will start in the play-in in two days, but the capital has nowhere to rush. Most likely, nominal guests will have a head start in terms of physical fitness. Let’s check P2 with zero handicap.

Rate No. 1: Carolina win with zero handicap in 2.10.

Bet number 2: Carolina will open an account at 1.97.