Was there a racist insult? They filter the true story of what happened in the Honduras-Germany in Japan

San Pedro Sula, Honduras.

The news of the alleged act of racism in the friendly match of the Honduras U23 against Germany has gone around the world. The Europeans denounced the incident and decided to leave the field within minutes of the end of the preparatory meeting prior to the start of the Olympic Games in Tokyo.

Much has been said about the situation that occurred in the match played on Asian soil. The German player Jordan Torunarigha, a defender with Nigerian descent, assured his teammates and coaching staff of the Teutonic team that he received a racist insult from a catracho footballer. The match was suspended in the 86th minute after what happened.

Hours later, the true story of what happened in the field was known. This is how the journalist Eduardo Solano, correspondent for Diario La Prensa, tells it through his Twitter account.


1). I tell you a little about what happened in the game and what caused the accusations of racism against a Honduran player. The situation began to degenerate due to the performance of the central referee, who omitted certain actions for both sides, which heated up the spirits ”.

2). At minute 86, the game was already damaged, at the same time they hit; ours did it, one of the most aggressive was “the victim” Jordan Torunarigha; Nigerian-born and a Hertha BSC player, the German defender kicked a Honduran player hard ”.

3). What sparked a very heated discussion, in which the German filled his mouth shouting: “Fuck You” repeatedly to the national footballer, in the verbal exchange, the European lost his head, when according to him he was called “Monkey”, so they almost go to blows “.

4). Of course, the Honduran player who ran this sentence is NOT a Garifuna; it could never be. At that time, the coaches left the technical area, being the German coach who withdrew his team and decided the end of the game. The offended one left in tears “

5). Among the players, it was suggested to Falero and the manager of the H, to go to the German dressing room and apologize for what happened, which were half accepted by the Europeans, who explained that such insults had already happened to him. to Torunarigha in Germany ”.

6). The German coach thanked the gesture of our representation, who were surprised by the incidents that occurred, the hope is that everyone will learn from this and that this misunderstanding ended there and will not reach other instances ”.


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