Warsaw and Minsk share responsibility for the migration crisis on the Belarusian-Polish border. This was stated by the human rights organization Human Rights Watch.

In their report, human rights activists note that Polish border guards – sometimes brutally – push migrants back to Belarusian territory, despite the fact that people are asking for asylum. In addition, according to Human Rights Watch, Polish soldiers separated children and parents during deportation. The Polish authorities denied all accusations against them.

The document also refers to the facts of violence and inhuman treatment of migrants by the Belarusian border guards. Minsk also denies these charges.

The Human Rights Watch document says the EU must convince Poland to make protecting the lives of migrants at the border a priority. Separately, it is emphasized that the European Commission has not yet evaluated the actions of the Polish authorities. The Belarusian authorities, in turn, are accused of using the lives of migrants in their own political interests.

  • Human rights defenders visited refugees on both sides of the border in October. HRD’s report is based on 19 interviews with people traveling alone and families with children.
  • The European Union accuses the regime of the authoritarian Belarusian leader Alexander Lukashenko of deliberately delivering thousands of migrants to the border with Poland who want to break into the EU. By creating a crisis with migrants, Lukashenka is thereby avenging Western sanctions, Brussels is sure.

More news from Radio Liberty in the video:


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