Warning signs of a stroke do not ignore, most notably sudden numbness

A stroke is an emergency condition that should not be taken lightly. It occurs when a portion of the blood supply to the brain is stopped for some time, preventing it from getting oxygen. Brain cells die within minutes, causing a stroke..

It is therefore important to know the early signs and symptoms so that action can be taken to reduce brain damage and other side effects. timesnownews“:

sudden numbness

If you or someone suddenly feels numbness or slight paralysis on one side of the face, hands or legs, this could lead to a stroke, so it is important to raise your arms above your head to help regulate blood flow to the brain.

Vision loss

You may have sudden blurred or black vision in one or both eyes.

sudden loss of balance

If while walking you are not able to balance your body and begin to lean to one side, it could be a sign of a stroke.

trouble speaking

If you start talking out loud or you are having problems understanding what other people are saying, this is not a good sign of a healthy body.

Severe headache

Sudden and severe headaches that lead to fainting and fainting may also be one of the causes.


Nausea and fever are also symptoms of stroke.

Strokes are of two types:

Ischemia: This occurs when there is a blockage in the arteries that cuts off the blood supply to the brain. This is very common in both men and women..

Hemorrhagic: This stroke occurs when a blood vessel in the brain tissue ruptures, resulting in a loss of oxygen. Both types of stroke are very serious and need immediate medical attention.



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