Warning level RED! Snow roller is now rolling over Austria – weather

A cold front shoveled a lot of snow to Austria on Tuesday. An increased weather warning level already applies in several federal states.

The cold front of the Scandinavian low “Vera” also reached the eastern Alps on Tuesday and led, among other things, to the formation of an Italian low. It rains or snows heavily on the main ridge and in the south-west. On Wednesday, the next warm front will cross us from the west and on Thursday we will reach the foothills of a hurricane low, which forms off the west coast of Scotland and shifts to the Baltic States. In the warm sector of the low, unusually mild air reached Austria with a sometimes stormy westerly wind. In the days that follow, Atlantic low pressure areas continue to determine the weather.

Am Tuesday Rain spreads from the west, snow falls above 600 to 1,000 meters. In the inner Alps it snows, at least initially, down to the valleys and especially in Carinthia snow even mixes up to the lowlands. In the eastern mountains and the Styrian hill country, the sun is still showing at first, but in the afternoon it will also be increasingly wet here, while it dries up in the west. The wind will be weak to moderate from west to southwest. The temperatures reach a maximum of 0 to +9 degrees.

The Austrian Severe Weather Center already has the due to the heavy snowfall in Austria increased weather warning level called out. In the federal states Tyrol, Salzburg and Carinthia reigns Warning level red! It’s already snowing heavily in Vorarlberg, Upper Austria and Styria. For Lower Austria there is a warning for ice rain. Only in Burgenland and Vienna is the weather still calm.

the Wednesday runs mostly cloudy on the north side of the Alps and rain spreads from the west over the course of the day, the snow line rises from 1,200 to 1,500 meters. It will remain dry and, apart from local areas of fog, often sunny in the south and in the east in the morning as well. The wind will blow moderately to briskly from the south to south-west. With 3 to 13 degrees it will be a little milder.

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Temperatures rise significantly

Am Thursday a changeable but early spring day lies ahead. On the north side of the Alps and in the east, there will be showers with a stormy westerly wind, snow will only fall in the high mountains. It will remain calmer, mostly dry and at times sunny in the south. In addition, the temperatures will climb to 10 to 16 degrees, only in the inner Alpine valleys and in the southern basins will it remain colder locally. In the east and south-east, on the other hand, temperatures of around 18 degrees can be expected locally.

Also the Friday runs very mild and a touch friendlier. In the mountains and in the east and south it will remain dry and often sunny, from the Inn to the Weinviertel compact clouds with some rain will pass. At least occasionally the sun shows up here too. The wind eases off a bit, but continues to blow briskly to strongly from the south-west and at 8 to 16 degrees it remains unusually mild for the time of year, although slightly higher values ​​are possible again in places.

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