Digital Extremes is responsible for Warframe: one of the most popular action MMORPGs, whose path can be traced back to 2013, extending its roots through the past generation of consoles and the current one. Its popularity is such that the developer has been celebrating TennoCon for years: an annual convention that provides a series of updates related to the title, as well as it is used to serve as a commemorative mark, since it is also celebrated at the community that dedicates hundreds of hours to the game year after year.

Precisely during the TennoCon 2021 edition, Digital Extremes announced two of the most requested features by the community: cross-play and cross-save. These increasingly current concepts in the video game industry involve, on the one hand, the possibility of playing games by joining players from different platforms and, on the other, the chance of not losing the progress made with the user profile regardless of whether the player start the game on PlayStation 4 and then continue on PC. These functions also allow the game to be updated in unison on both consoles and PC, which only unifies the community as a whole.

As if that were not enough, Digital Extremes confirmed that it is working on a mobile phone version of Warframe that will be included in the unification plans with the rest of the platforms, so if players want to enjoy Warframe while they are away from home , they will only have to download it on their cell phone. From Digital Extremes they ensure that players will be able to make the transition between platforms in a safe, instantaneous way and without losing any progress, and in all cases they will be able to join games with friends without restrictions.

This raises the stakes even higher than what was initiated by Fortnite. The Epic Games Battle Royale postulated the first guidelines of cross-play in gaming, but Digital Extremes is taking it further, assuming a series of risks with the different platform owners -Nintendo, Microsoft, Sony, for example- but that according to the Warframe Creative Director, it is a risk they are willing to take in pursuit of their community.

“The community is one of the most important values ​​for us, which is why it is paramount in our plans to open Cross Play and Cross Save, and they represent only two of the various ideas we have to include more players, including the possibility of extending the fast and fluid combat so characteristic of Warframe to other global video game platforms, ”stated Digital Extremes Chief Operating Officer Sheldon Carter. At the moment it is not known when these functions will be launched, but according to the company they are in the final stage of development, and then move on to their implementation.

Warframe is a Free to Play game that is available for free on PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series S | X. It is characterized by presenting third-person action with RPG elements in a futuristic environment where players can select different avatars to develop them from their abilities as well as from an aesthetic point of view, with weapons and armor of different rarity. Its main offering is “player versus environment” in cooperative modes, although it also incorporates different competitive game modes.

What is commonly known as “Seasons” in these types of constantly evolving games, in Warframe it is called “Series” and the next to be released is “The New War”, details of which were known during TennoCon 2021. In the convention official site you can still get armor pieces and other unique cosmetic items related to the event.


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