UAn Afghan war veteran discovered that he had a tumor following a series of episodes that attracted the woman’s attention. James Flint, 29, even threw all his wife’s stockings in the trash, not remembering having done so.

Initially, James’ wife, Nicola, believed that her husband was suffering from sleepwalking, but ended up realizing that something was wrong when he couldn’t remember a trip of more than three hours that he had taken.

These facts date back to 2015, when James was also found to have a seizure on the floor of his home in Plymouth, England. The young man was immediately taken to a hospital, where a 5.7 cm tumor in the brain was discovered.

Three months after diagnosis, James removed the tumor – which he dubbed ‘Kenneth’ – in a surgery performed at the Hospital Derriford, as revealed by PlymouthLive. Long weeks of chemotherapy and radiation treatments followed.

Already in December 2019, through a ressonância magnetic, the doctors realized that James’s tumor had come back. ‘Kenneth Jr’ was removed in March this year and now the couple is collecting funds to fund alternative therapy through the platform GoFundMe.

“After the surgery, James lost his movement on the left side, but fortunately he recovered” a good part. However, Nicola said, “the results of the pathology show that the tumor has progressed to a glioblastoma grade 4, the most aggressive type of brain cancer “.

The survival rate for this type of cancer is “only 12 to 15 months”.

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