War in Ukraine: Ukrainian ex-president Poroshenko says he was refused to leave the country

Mr. Poroshenko, president from 2014 to 2019 of Ukraine, is today at the head of the European Solidarity party, the second largest party in Parliament and in opposition to Mr. Zelensky. According to his press service, Mr. Poroshenko “was refused to cross the border of Ukraine” when he was to take part in the NATO parliamentary assembly in Vilnius and had received “all formal permissions to leave the country” as a permanent member of the Ukrainian delegation.

“There is a risk that by this decision, the authorities have broken the wartime ‘political ceasefire’ in place with opposition forces, which is one of the pillars of national unity. in the face of Russian aggression,” said its press service.

The upheavals of Ukrainian politics had ceased since the invasion of the country by Russia on February 24, most of the political forces having united in the defense of the country. Eleven parties deemed pro-Russian have been banned.



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