War in Ukraine – Scholz: “It is absolutely necessary to talk to Putin”

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz has defended direct talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin and announced more. “It is absolutely necessary to speak to Putin,” said Scholz in a TV interview conducted in English by the German Press Agency on Friday. “I will continue to do so, as will the French President.” It is necessary that some countries and some leaders talk to Putin.

It is also necessary that these talks with the Russian President are clear. “For example, I say the same things that I tell you,” Scholz said to the reporter, referring to Putin: “Please understand that there will be no dictated peace. And if you think you could steal land and then hope that times will change and things will go back to normal, then it’s a mistake.” He also calls on Putin to withdraw his troops from Ukraine and reach an agreement with Ukraine that is acceptable and right for Ukraine, Scholz said.

The German chancellor called Putin several times after the war began, but took a break of several weeks after the massacre of civilians in Ukraine became known. Macron has also called Putin several times. In an interview on Thursday, Macron also stated that he was ready to meet Putin in Moscow under certain conditions: “I think that a trip to Russia today requires preconditions, that is, gestures from President Putin, I won’t just go there like that drive to.” (apa/dpa)



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