War in Ukraine: Putin does not intend to stop in Donbass, according to Washington

The US Congress is following Joe Biden in his unwavering support for kyiv, working to release a staggering new envelope of nearly $40 billion for Ukraine, with a possible first vote on Tuesday.

These funds should enable Ukraine to equip itself with armored vehicles, strengthen its anti-aircraft defense and combat cyberattacks. Several billions are planned to ensure “the continuity of Ukrainian democratic institutions”, as well as a large humanitarian component.

US President Joe Biden was calling for a huge $33 billion budget extension for Ukraine. But, Monday evening, Democratic and Republican leaders agreed to go even further, finding a compromise around an envelope of 40 billion dollars, the equivalent of Cameroon’s GDP in 2020.

The elected members of the House of Representatives could give their assent to this budget as of Tuesday evening, before a vote in the Senate at the end of the week or the beginning of next week.




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