War in Ukraine: bomb threat in all schools in kyiv

War in Ukraine: bomb threat in all schools in kyiv

By Le Figaro with AFP

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A school ravaged by war (Illustration). STRINGER / REUTERS

UPDATE ON THE SITUATION – The police received a message about the mining from all schools in kyiv. The previous one dated from September 1, the day of the new school year in Ukraine and had turned out to be false.

Volodymyr Zelensky announced Sunday the appointment of a new Minister of Defense, Moscow claims to have destroyed Ukrainian boats in the Black Sea… Le Figaro takes stock of the latest events related to the war in Ukraine.

New bomb threat in kyiv schools

Authorities received a new bomb threat to all schools in kyiv on Monday, three days after the first, the Ukrainian capital’s military administration said.

«kyiv police again received a message about the mining of all schoolsfrom Kyiv, the administration said on Telegram. The previous alert, which ultimately turned out to be false, dated September 1, the day of the start of the school year in Ukraine.

Moscow says it destroyed four Ukrainian speedboats in the Black Sea

Moscow claimed Monday, September 4 to have destroyed in the Black Sea four fast military boats with Ukrainian soldiers on board. During the night from Sunday to Monday,in the northwestern part of the black Sea(…) the naval aviation of the Black Sea Fleet destroyed four military speedboats Willard Sea Force American-made (carrying) landing groups of the Armed Forces of Ukraine“, said the Russian Ministry of Defense on Telegram. According to the ministry, the Ukrainian boats were traveling in the direction of Cape Tarkhankut located in the west of the annexed Crimean peninsula.

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Also Monday, Moscow claimed to have shot down a Ukrainian drone off the Crimea as well as a second device in the Russian region of Kursk, bordering Ukraine. Russian Defense said on Wednesday that it had destroyed four military launches in kyiv which were carrying a total of up to 50 special forces members, without providing further information.

Zelensky replaces his defense minister

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky announced on Sunday evening the replacement of his Defense Minister Oleksiï Reznikov, and on the ground Russian drones struck industrial sites on the Danube river near Romania, a country overnight from Saturday to Sunday. member of NATO, who denounced an attack “unjustified».

In the midst of the Ukrainian counter-offensive and while Volodymyr Zelensky promised to strengthen the fight against corruption, which is endemic in Ukraine, the president explained in his daily message that “Oleksiï Reznikov lived through more than 550 days of war». «I believe the ministry needs new approaches and new ways of interacting with the military as well as with wider civil society.“, did he declare.

17 drones shot down in the Odessa region

Ukrainian forces shot down 17 Russian drones in the southern Ukrainian region of Odessa, the local governor said on Monday, and buildings were damaged in the district of the port city of Izmail.

«Seventeen drones were shot down by our air defense forces (…) In several localities of the Izmail district, warehouses and production buildings, agricultural machinery and equipment of industrial enterprises were damaged», Oleg Kiper communicated on Telegram.

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Ukraine claims limited gains on southern front

The Ukrainian Ministry of Defense on Monday claimed “successlast week in its difficult counter-offensive on the southern front, and having retaken three square kilometers from the Russian forces near Bakhmout (east). Ukrainian forcescontinue their offensive operations in the Melitopol sector» et «achieved successes near Novodanylivka and Novoprokopivkain the south, Deputy Defense Minister Ganna Maliar told state television.

These two villages are in the region of Zaporijjia, near Robotyné, a localitystrategic» resumption at the end of August from the Russian forces and which opens the way to the offensive of kyiv towards the south occupied by the army of Moscow. “The enemy to the south suffers heavy losses in personnel, arms and material, he regroups his units and troops using his reserves“said Ganna Maliar.

On the eastern front,we had some success near Klichtchiivka“, she added, referring to this village south of Bakhmout, a city at the center of the fighting for more than a year and taken by Moscow last May. “Over the past week, the liberated area has increased by 3 km2near Bakhmout, andin total, 47 km2 have been liberated“, on the flanks of the city since the beginning of the Ukrainian counter-offensive in June, specified the deputy minister.

A Crimean Tatar, future Ukrainian defense minister

Roustem Oumerov, announced Sunday evening by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky as the next defense minister, is a deputy and prominent Crimean Tatar community official who has represented Kiev in sensitive negotiations with Moscow. Mr Umerov, 41, was born in what was then the Soviet republic of Uzbekistan, where his family had been exiled under Stalin, and he was a child when his family resettled in Crimea when the Tatars were allowed to return there , in the 80s and 90s.

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He started in the telecoms industry in 2004, and has been an MP since 2019. In parliament, he was co-chair of the Crimean Platform, which coordinated international diplomatic efforts to reverse Russia’s 2014 annexation of the peninsula. For many years he was an adviser to the historical leader of the Crimean Tatars, Mustafa Dzhemilev.

After the annexation of Crimea, as after the start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, Roustem Oumerov has, on several occasions, participated in discreet negotiations with Moscow, in particular on exchanges of prisoners and evacuations of civilians. He was part of the Ukrainian delegation to the negotiations with Moscow, under the aegis of Turkey and the UN, which allowed the establishment of a maritime corridor allowing the transport of Ukrainian cereals by the Black Sea.

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