war | Gazprom: Russia cuts gas supplies to Slovakia

The Russian state-owned company Gazprom has reduced the gas supply to the next European country. On Friday, Slovakia received only 50 percent of the agreed amount.

The Russian energy company Gazprom has also severely curtailed gas supplies to Slovakia. The partially state-owned Slovak gas supplier SPP confirmed this to the TASR news agency on Friday. Since Friday, SPP from Russia has only received 50 percent of the contractually agreed amount. The delivery quantities had already been gradually reduced in the days before, namely by ten percent on Tuesday, by 15 percent on Wednesday and by more than a third on Thursday. However, the supply is not at risk for the time being, the domestic storage facilities are currently 52 percent full.

To date, Slovakia has obtained more than 80 percent of its gas requirements from Russia. By 2009 it had even been 100 percent. Since then, the EU country has gradually reduced its dependency and is now also preparing for the possibility that supplies from Russia could stop altogether as a result of the war in Ukraine.

Other European countries affected

In the past few days, Gazprom has already restricted deliveries to other European countries. Since Wednesday evening, only about 40 percent of the normal amount of gas has come to Germany. The Russian state-owned company justifies this with problems with the Nord Stream 1 pipeline.



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