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Wanted to provoke the race to be stopped – Aegerter after “show performance”: “I didn’t act properly” – Sport – SRF

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Dominique Aegerter experienced a race weekend to forget in the Czech Republic – and now admits mistakes.

Good things first: Dominique Aegerter still leads the Supersport World Championship with a 14-point lead. The fact that his once impressive lead has melted is also due to an unsportsmanlike action next to the racetrack.

He crashed in Most, Czech Republic, on Saturday, but was uninjured. Nevertheless, the 31-year-old lay down again after getting up. Those responsible assessed this action as unsportsmanlike – and promptly banned Aegerter for the second race on Sunday.

After the provoked termination of the race, the Ten-Kate driver refrained from interviews and only commented in a statement where he admitted mistakes: “I didn’t act properly in the rush.”

Will Aegerter’s dream of promotion burst?

Particularly bitter: On this weekend of all days, his racing team Yamaha Aegerters wanted to discuss a possible promotion to the “premier class” Superbike World Championship. It remains to be hoped that Rohrbacher will not have to bite the bullet again like in Most.

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