Want a Corsair 192GB DDR5-7000 memory kit?  More than €800 is needed

Want a Corsair 192GB DDR5-7000 memory kit? More than €800 is needed

Corsair, after the announcement of about ten days ago, expands the DDR5 memory offer based on 24 and 48 GB modules: kits up to 192 GB arrive with speeds of 7000 MT/s and CL40 timing. The price, though, not for the faint of heart. by Manolo De Agostini published on 07 March 2023, at 19:51 in the Memorie channel CorsairDDR5 After the first kits announced about ten days ago, Corsair presented Vengeance RGB and Vengeance DDR5 kits based on 24 and 48 GB modules that are even more capacious and fast. More precisely, the US company has announced kits with speeds of 7000 MT/s and capacities of 48 GB (2 x 24 GB) and 192 GB (4 x 48 GB). The latter capability is now also available as DDR5-5200. “Corsair has worked closely with ASUS to ensure these new kits work seamlessly on Intel motherboards with 700-series chipsets, making them the perfect companion to 13th generation Core processors,” the company said in a statement. The 48GB kit comes with (XMP 3.0) timings of 40-52-52-114, while the 192GB variant operates with 38-38-38-84 timings. The former requires a voltage of 1.4V, while the latter stops at 1.25V. The unlimited lifetime warranty, and the LEDs on the RGB variant, complete the picture. Going to the Corsair website we see that the Vengeance RGB CL40 48GB DDR5-7000 kit costs €324.99, the non-RGB variant costs €314.99, while the 4 x 48GB 192GB kit with CL38 timing requires an outlay of €824.99. The most expensive kit of all, however, is the 192 GB DDR5-5200 one (4x48GB) which reaches a good € 849.99.



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