Wanda Nara posed sexy, sent a tender message to Icardi, but the world talks about her wallet

Wanda Nara knows what it causes with each of the publications that go viral through the social networks and this time he did not attract attention because of her pose or her striking look with the Eiffel Tower background, nor the tender message she seems to dedicate to her husband Mauro Icardi, who plays in the PSG, but because of a particular detail that one of his followers marked and that is commented all over the world and especially in Argentina.

What caught the attention of the businesswoman, owner of Wanda Cosmetics, it is nothing other than his portfolio, which is valued above 5,175 dollars, that is, about 975,000 pesos, a true fortune for Argentina.

“Diamond quilting, leather strap and shoulder chain, characteristic double flap closure, characteristic CC twist clasp”, Chanel Pre Owned designers detailed.

But as in every post, the blonde is clear on how to pose and adds a little “drink” and the phrase “I imagined you and me in Paris ❤️”, to the delight of its more than 8,100,000 followers on Instagram.

The publication accumulates more than 42,500 likes in less than 24 hours and thousands of comments, most of them being more than positive praising Wanda, who does not stop growing and being a person of interest to both the Argentine and French press.

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