Consuming walnuts daily gives our body valuable benefits. Properties and effects of nuts on our body …

The walnut tree was originally found between the southern Balkan region and central Asia. Although today it is widespread in all temperate regions. In Europe the walnut arrived between the seventh and fifth centuries. BC, and is a typically autumn fruit.
It has a high energy value and is rich in polyunsaturated fats useful for reducing blood cholesterol levels and, with them, the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases. They are rich in fiber and mineral salts, such as: football, ferro, phosphorus e potassium. And then we have thiamine: essential vitamin for the transformation of sugars into muscle energy and for the functionality of the nervous system; it also helps in the proper functioning of the heart and muscles.

Blood pressure and nut properties

Walnuts keep blood pressure low; therefore a natural remedy in cases of hypertension.

Three are enough

The important thing is not to overdo the quantities, since it is a fairly caloric food that counts well 650 calories in 100 grams. 3 nuts a day are enough, which can also be enjoyed with salads or for breakfast with yogurt, to cover our daily requirement of essential nutrients for health. Here are all the benefits of walnut …

Yogurt and

Properties and benefits of nuts

Even if they are very caloric they contain a high quantity of good fats like: Omega 3 he Omega 6, which strengthen the cardiovascular system and prevent the formation of blood clots and consequent embolisms. L’arginine instead it acts directly on the heart, excellent for those who already suffer from cardiovascular diseases

Vitamin A, E, B1 and B2, folic acid and fiber, a miraculous mix of antioxidants against the formation of free radicals. Proven studies have shown that daily consumption of walnuts reduces vulnerability to stress. So for those who want to keep skin and brain always young we recommend a handful of nuts a day.

Type 2 diabetes. Those suffering from this pathology, among the most common and widespread, can include the fruit in their diet because their healthy fats reduce fasting insulin levels by regulating the glycemic parameters.

melatonin in

They contain melatonin, the hormone that helps regulate sleep, therefore excellent for those who cannot enjoy a restful sleep.

Eat nuts in pregnancy promotes the correct development of the nervous system of the fetus and some parts of the eyes.

Walnut oil

Rich in Omega 3 and Omega 6 but also vitamin C it is miraculous for the skin of the face and body, especially for oily skin that tolerate other types of oil badly. Thanks to its highly moisturizing and nourishing properties, walnut oil is also used to create shampoo wraps, for a thicker and shinier hair. (Go on)

Walnut oil-meteoweekcom

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The oil also promotes tanning, stimulating the production of melanin which protects against negative sun rays. You can add walnut oil to your day cream or an aloe vera cream.

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