Walmart delivers cheap perfume instead of smartphone

  • Walmart and a long list of e-commerce platforms have been victims of bad practices in the delivery of high-cost products that make them lose their reputation.

  • With a post on Twitter, @modey11 revealed the case in which for the second time he received a product that he did not order at Walmart. On this occasion a “Fire for Men” perfume.

  • The bad practices that have accumulated in electronic commerce and that have become evident in social networks have determined the capacity of brands before the consumer.

“Fire for Men” is the cheap perfume that a client of Walmart Mexico received instead of his smartphone and the complaint he made on social networks shows a bad practice that escalates in online purchases.

According to @modey11, this is the second time you have purchased a smartphone at Walmart and received a totally different product from your original order. This time it was a perfume cheap that on sites like Amazon is priced at $15 and is described as a fragrance that “you’ll be on fire with. The elegant bottle contains the most seductive aroma that will make you feel sexy and powerful”.

The consumer as a victim

The consumer as a victim seems to be a profile that follows and continues to resent bad practices within electronic commerce.where without a doubt a unique reference has been established and it is the one that has to do with the machination of increasingly audacious strategies in the market where stores such as Walmart suffer from these bad practices.

Undoubtedly it opens the way to activities where you have to think better about the alliances on which to think about a delivery and most importantly, the reputation of a brand that has been extended to new channels in which to think about.

Complaints in networks

The consumer, resenting bad delivery practices for online purchases, has made social networks his best means of reportingbecause they scale in these channels in an important way.

There is no doubt that they have been able to maintain tasks that have understood one aspect in a very clear way and that is to be able to establish better consumption practices before which it is necessary to understand what to do and what not to take advantage of in these media, otherwise it will not be manages to assume a clear exercise of identifying goals to meet with the consumer.

And perfume cheap known as “Fire for men” and that on platforms like Amazon is described as “the most seductive aroma that will make you feel sexy and powerful”, is what is sold.

Time to take the next step

There is a new step that seems obligatory for brands in the e-commerce scenario in which a very interesting exercise has been patented and that has to do with the opportunity that brands have achievedto understand the consumer, not only from their consumption profile, but now from the profile of the victim of bad practices that have been established in electronic commerce, which means an urgent call to be able to renew the strategies that are established in the market.

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